Looper ( Looper ) - it is quite as versatile musical gadgets. What is it for? This is the easiest way to achieve an experimental sound, based on the mixing of several audio tracks that are superimposed on one another right during the game. The lotion works like a best looper pedal. When you need to do real-time overdubbing without interrupting your electronic instrument playing, or to combine with vocals, you need to use the looper. It is a versatile tool for combining musical phrases by repeating and superimposing them.

The peculiarity of the device is that you can record only one phrase at a time, and then also overlay only one over. The finished construction of the musical sound is achieved by sequential overlay of phrases, and not at all simultaneously. This way you can track each one, and some Looper models also allow you to swap them.
Hence the name of the pedal itself and its purpose is deciphered, from the English word loop - loop. The musical phrase is taken in a loop and looped back for further repetition and combination with the same subsequent ones.

Where can the pedal be used?
The pedal gadget is suitable for use with electronic instruments such as electric guitar, bass, synthesizer, electric piano, or for overdubbing vocals.
Looper works when connected to an amplifier, through which the sound track is output. It is used to create surround sound, a simultaneous combination of several sound tracks performed by one musician.
It turns out that a looper is needed so that only one performer can simultaneously play several parts, or sing them. For example, the looper can be heard live, where the vocalist overdubs, repeating, his voice in one piece, in real time.
However, this gadget is needed not only for live performances. It is an ideal and useful tool to mix one track alone, or to “play” one or more instruments yourself. It will be useful both for rehearsals, creating music, original tracks, replacing several performers with one, for live performances and sound recording of a mixed track.

How the Looper Works
The principle of operation is simple: the Looper has something like a flash drive. which allows you to record one piece and repeat it later. The possibilities are very wide thanks to the multi-layer function. This means that you can record first one fragment, then another, and so on, and then play them simultaneously, or with a certain delay, to get “several voices”, alternately playing recorded fragments, superimposed one on top of another.
It turns out that the principle of layering works. You are recording one piece. put another one on it and so on. You can continue as long as there is enough memory in the device itself.

What You Can Do with a
Looper Looper is the perfect tool for honing your skills, ear and rhythm. That way, you can record and listen to what you have played, identify mistakes, and even practice correcting them in real time.
There are several options:
Working with a solo: we write down the basic phrases, loop them and accompany ourselves, working out the solo part. This allows one person to rehearse on their own, without a partner.
Sharpening the rhythm: the opposite is true, the solo is recorded, and then training on the rhythm and hitting the beat. The second option is to hone your skills and sense of rhythm. We record the finished rhythm on the looper, and then we try to get into it. it's the perfect workout if the metronome isn't helping.
Composing Music: With this pedal, you can try to compose a complete composition yourself, with rhythm, solo, and also experiment with the original sound.
Performing a whole composition: in fact, this gadget is able to replace a full-fledged band, allowing you to play the role of each of the participants and connect everything together.

How does the looper connect?
Installs the unit in a standard “effects loop” between the combo amp and the instrument itself. The pedal has two main external outputs: “output” and “input”, through which it is connected to a guitar (microphone) and an amplifier. Moreover, modern loopers have many of these inputs, so that you can connect other gadgets that you use during the game to them. This way they will all participate in the recording process. To connect everything correctly, you need to look at the instructions for each specific looper model that you have.

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