Due to its stylish design and wide selection of uses like holiday outings, short city drives, and daily commuting, more and more people are using fixie bikes. This time, we'll introduce the charm of fixie bikes to those that have an interest in fixie bikes and who aren't conversant in fixie bikes yet.


The fixie is originally a track bicycle employed by bicyclists. Designed to be lightweight as speed is for all times competition.

A bicycle called "Track Bike" in English. The so-called "mamachari" weighs 16 to twenty kg, and therefore the road bike used for triathlon weighs 8 to 10 kg, while the fixie bike weighs about 7 to eight kg, which is extremely light.


What are the advantages of fixie bicycles?

We've recently worked alongside the Spanish SportTraining magazine for a piece of writing about using fixie bikes as a training aid for sports. If you train, run or cycle long distances together with your bike, you ought to take a glance at this magazine's 71st issue, which may be found in Spain's newsstands.

1. No maintenance required:

Having no gear shifter, they hardly require maintenance; that's why they need been chosen by urban messengers in NY City, also because of the most important financial cities within the world. Here in Spain, these quiet messenger services are active in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Soria, or Seville.

2. Improved drivetrain efficiency:

The chain is shorter than in conventional bikes and completely straight, which helps the gears work smoother; this will be felt while pedaling. Also, they need no pulleys or other transmission devices – everything is kept simple.

3. Simplicity:

The gear ratio will not be a priority – they're the right quiet bicycle to ride on flat ground and for brief trips.

4. Facility:

A total, almost mystical connection binds the cyclist with their bike. It's the only thanks to riding – if you would like to travel, you pedal forward, and if you would like to travel back, you pedal backward. Equally, the faster you pedal, the faster the bike will move; if you would like to hamper, you'll need to pedal more slowly.

5. Handling:

Your legs become your accelerator and brakes. You'll need to move quickly to travel faster and put reverse pressure together with your feet if you would like to hamper or stop.

6. Improves cadence:

Pedaling rhythm improves and gets more even. Fixie bikes require a steady rhythm if you would like to travel faster. As they're Very light, you'll speed up very quickly.

7. Fluency:

Your moves will become more fluid and faster, as you'll need to sit as relaxed and as loose as possible to be ready to pedal constantly and evenly.

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