It’s a device that you use to heat dry cannabis to convert it into vapor (gas). These vapors contain all the essential goodness of cannabis which then enters the system via inhalation and reaches the bloodstream through the lungs.

Cannabis has different aromas and flavors which are locked at the time of extraction and processing which the user experiences when inhaling the vapors.

You’ll find that many vaporizers use cannabis in concentrated or oil form. You’re supposed to put it inside the cartridge. However, dry herb vapes use dried cannabis flowers that go into the chamber.

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Different parts of a dry herb vape:

A typical dry herb vape should have the following parts:

  • A heating source (mostly a butane/electric torch) or a battery
  • A metal/ceramic heating chamber
  • A filter
  • Mouthpiece
  • Charging cord/cable with outlet plugs

Benefits of Using Dry Herb Vapes

Finer Taste - Vaping tends to offer milder, less harsh flavors compared to any other method. Additionally, you'll be far less likely to experience that burning sensation in the throat with dry herb vaping.

Less Intense Smell - It’s much harder to detect the cannabis aromas when you’re using a vaporizer. If you’re someone who’s not particularly fond of the way cannabis smells or if you simply do not want to bother those around with its smell, then this device is for you.

Discrete Looks - Dry herb vapes tend to produce smaller clouds than any other smoking mechanism. If you are big on staying discreet while smoking, it goes without saying a dry herb vape is for you.

Highly Portable - These babies are highly portable. They are incredibly easy to dismantle, pack, and travel with on the go. For those who like to go for a hit even while traveling will find it quite convenient.

Cleaner inhalation - One good thing about vaping is that it only releases those ingredients which you are actively seeking such as CBD, TCH, and flavourful terpene in just the right amount. It does so all the while reducing the undesired benzene and carbon monoxide gases. Suffice to say, there are fewer negative connotations with dry herb vaping.

Good for the environment - Instead of contributing to wastage which is common with other smoking mechanisms that require disposing of the cartridge afterward; vaping doesn't lead to any kind of unnecessary wastage. The only thing you’ll be disposing of in the end is the plant material which is also biodegradable. In some cases, you can even re-use ALREADY VAPED BUDS (AVB) which is even better; environmentally speaking.

How to User a Dry Herb Vape?

Step 1 - Grind the Herb

Ideally, you should be aiming for a fine powder-like consistency for a more pleasurable vaping experience. Be sure to perform this step first.

Step 2 - Fill the chamber with Cannabis

Uncover the chamber and gently start loading up cannabis powder into it using your fingers or a tiny scoop. You can even use a funnel for this purpose. Be sure not to overfill the chamber. Conventional vapes need some breathing room so air can freely pass through it.

Step 3 - Heat it Up

Dry herbs need a little heating before you can truly enjoy them. This time frame can vary based on the features and size of the device (from 10 seconds to a minute). If your vape comes with the temperature control option, you may find that keeping the settings at a lower temperature will create thicker, more powerful clouds. A typical dry herb vape should have temperature settings between the ranges of 315 - 440F.

Step 4 - Take a Hit

Once the device is properly heated; start inhaling by putting the mouthpiece in your mouth. It’s best to maintain a slow pace and take small breaths. This will make it easier for vapors to reach your lungs.

Step 5 - Exhale

Release the vapors at the same steady pace as you inhaled. There’s no need to hold the vapors for more than a couple of seconds to really feel the effects.

Step 6 - Turn it off

Be sure to power the device off when you are done. You must let the vaporizer cool down completely before cleaning or storing it away.

If you are using a dry herb vape for the very first time, make it a point to start with tiny hits. See how each hit feels before carrying it further. Even though most smokers would claim that regular smoking is more impactful than vaping; it’s always best to start slow. This shall allow you to find your personal comfort level.

How to Clean Your Device

It’s pretty straightforward and simple to clean a dry herb vape even if you are a novice who doesn't have any experience with it. Since all the remaining concentrates are left behind in the chamber, you can clean it off quickly,

  1. Let the vape cool down after you have used it. You run the risk of burning yourself if you handle a hot device. Ideally, wait for an hour after you are done vaping to start cleaning.
  2. The next step is to disassemble the device. Use a paper towel on which to place all the parts. This will allow them to dry individually. It will also avoid confusion between different parts.
  3. Turn the chamber upside down so that all particles fall out. Use a soft bristle brush to clean the insides of the chamber by gently rubbing it. The idea is to loosen the debris and any dust particles which may still be sitting. Grab a cotton swab and dip it into isopropyl alcohol and wipe the chamber. This will disinfect it.
  4. Grab a pin/toothpick to poke into the filter screen. This should help unclog it. Use an alcohol dipped cotton swab to disinfect this freshly unclogged screen.
  5. Use another cotton swab to thoroughly wipe the mouthpiece and disinfect it.
  6. Let all the vape pieces dry completely. Make sure they are fully dried before reassembling them.


Dry herb vapes are an interesting little device that will give you everything you expected and more. However, be sure to buy from a trusted source to get the assurance for an excellent first-time experience.

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