What is a dog life jacket?
Just like people, a dog’s life vest is that the clothing is worn on the chest, and a life vest is formed of stuffing materials. If they enter the water, the dog can float on the water. Besides, they need gripping handles. You'll lift the dog out of the water. Dog life jackets are colorful.
In the water, various colors and patterns also help to enhance visibility.

Why dogs need dog life jackets?
Are dogs born with the power to swim?
Although many dogs can swim, thousands of dogs die within the water per annum. There are many reasons why dogs drown. As a Dog lover, I might ask these dog owners, “Does the dog wear a dog life jacket?” “No” All of the dogs within the accident didn't wear dog life jackets. They actually need that one.
Not all dogs can swim. Some breeds of dogs, especially bulldogs and Boston terriers, are inherently unsuitable for swimming. Albeit they struggle to swim, they're going to sink like rocks to the rock bottom of the pool. During this time, Dog life jackets keep them safe, and they enjoy more water.

Do dogs who be strong swimmers don’t need a life jacket?
Of course not. I admit that your dog is a superb swimmer, but even the simplest oarsman can’t swim for an extended time. If an accident happens within the water, your dog is going to be in peril. If your dog is hanging out near the swimming bath or a ship with you, remember to place on a dog life jacket.

Can dogs wear human life jackets?
It's really a nasty idea. First of all, the structure is totally different. If the human life vest is just too large, the dog may run out of it. If it's too small, it can't support the buoyancy required by the dog.

So, do dogs need life jackets? Within the end, only the dog's owner can make that call. After all, this is often one case during which you're your dog's ally.
Choose a life vest for your dog.

How to choose a dog life vest or vests?
Before sharing our choices, I will introduce you to the functions that good dog life jackets should satisfy.
1.buoyancy: confirm your dog can float on the water
2.Handle: you'll quickly move your dog from the water to a secure place.
3.D-ring: Put a rope on the dog and let it move around you
4.Color: The dog’s life vest comes in various colors and patterns. Bright colors or life jackets with reflective strips will make it easier for him to be found within the water.
5.Size and Fit: confirm that the dog life vest you purchase is that the right size for your dog. confirm that when your dog is wearing it, it stays comfortable, can sit and lie easily, and doesn't feel discomfort. To realize the simplest fit, confirm to live your dog's circumference and torso and choose the proper size.
How to Measure Your Dog for a Life Jacket?
First, measure the dog from the shoulder to the bottom of the tail to measure your dog. You ought to also measure around the fattest a part of "> a part of the dog's chest and therefore the narrowest part of the waist to form sure you discover a dog life vest suitable.

Also, measure on the dog’s neck. (If you don’t have a tape with you, take some rope and use it to live your dog. Then you'll use a tape or ruler to live this rope.)
We will also provide a reference value of weight.

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