Most of us have an idea of what a coach does. If you have ever watched or played sports, you will likely see a coach guiding players to victory from the sidelines. Coaches are an integral part of a successful team. Career coaches also help their clients to victory by helping them identify and carry out plans relating to career direction. They are also experts at helping people resolve career challenges that may be holding them back. Because clients pay for these professional services, they can expect a career coach to work for them, supporting their best interests.

Why hire a career coach?

Think about the sports coach. They see the whole field, whereas the player is generally focused on what is right in front of them. A career coach becomes a partner in the game, and provides accountability, encouragement, and some direction. Think about it. How many times we will say that we're going to get a new job, and then what happens? Life happens. We have every intention to follow-through, but then we get busy with work, and the day-to-day responsibilities of living, and turn around to realize that 6 months have gone by, and not only are we still in the same job we don't like, but likely haven't even updated our resume. A career coach helps quicken this process to get winning results. Imagine having your own Sean Payton or Jim Tressel cheering you on from the sidelines as you reach the goal line.

5 Tips to Hiring a Good Career Coach

1. Work & Life Experience - What have they accomplished professionally? What challenges have they overcome in their professional and personal lives?

2. Mission & Vision - What are they passionate about? Why are they a career coach?

3. Credentials & Affiliations - What professional training do they had? How active are they at continuing to hone their craft?

4. Success Stories - Do they have a track record of good client outcomes? Can they provide testimonials and references?

5. Chemistry & Comfort Level - Do you feel comfortable with the coach? Do you feel that they are sincere, and genuinely want to help?

If you or someone you know is unhappy in their job, or are experiencing a transition due to a lay-off, hire a career coach today, and get a job that is both rewarding and fulfilling.

Author's Bio: 

Leslie Attwooll is a career management expert, a national speaker, and author of Should I Stay Or Update My Resume? Take 5 Lunch Hours To Decide. She helps individuals take control of their professional lives; to identify, assess, decide upon, pursue and secure rewarding jobs they love. As a certified professional coach, a former headhunter, and an employee engagement manager of a Fortune 50 company, Leslie offers a unique perspective on how to successfully manage one’s career. In addition to working with clients individually, she also delivers fun and engaging workshops on career transition, career management, career satisfaction, and job search skills. For more info and to receive Leslie’s FREE career newsletter, go to Find Leslie on Twitter: @LeslieAttwooll.