Resonance Repatterning© works with universal disciplines that impact your body-mind system for greater wellness and well-being. Chloe Wordsworth, the founder of this process, developed a number of repatternings dedicated just to vision. Vision is more than just your eyeballs. Dr. Harry Sirota, an optometrist, who extensively worked with the emotional, mental and physical qualities of vision influenced these repatternings.

There are four primary contributing factors that impact your vision of life: light, movement, breath and memory.

Light: The transmission of light to your brain and visual cortex is only the beginning of the process. The quality of light in the body-mind system is expressed through the glandular, immune, endorphin, muscular, emotional, and respiratory systems. How you experience the physical world depends on how your body-mind sytems interprets it. The use of this light in your body-mind system depends on the quality of this communication .

What You Can Do: Knowledge is key to understanding the components of healthy vision. Get into full-spectrum light daily for at least 5-15 minute. Make time for movement with relaxed and full breath daily. Find ways to break up long sessions of near point/close up work either at the computer or with reading. Surround yourself with color and experiences that make you laugh or bring joy. Get out into nature, or take breaks to relax your eyes by looking out into nature.

Movement: The brain receives stimulation from the light impulses from the rod and cone cells found on the back of the eyeball. The brain, in turn, stimulates muscles in the body. The light-brain-muscle relationship is directly translated to movement. The quality of this connection is expressed in your posture, orientation in space, and how you experience connection to self. When there is an imbalance in the brain-movement connection, it changes how your muscles work together. When this energy is limited or blocked, it can result in a sense of numbness, limited motion, or pain.

What You Can Do: Get in touch with what brings you confidence and joy. Find a way to commit to action by including activities that bring joy to your life. Get out into nature. Take walks with friends or walk your dog. This will give you more positive energy and a brighter outlook for your life. Massage your face especially around your eyes. This will help you focus and release stress.

Breath: Your eyes are second only to the brain in their need for oxygen. When there is less light entering your visual system, the breath centers of the brain do not receive the nourishment they need. Traumas left unresolved can result in interruptions of breath cycles. This can sound like excessive sighing, holding of the breath, or shallow breathing. Stress- response breathing limits the oxygen delivered to your entire body-mind system.

What You Can Do: Find ways to bring movement with full breath into your daily life. Meditate with an awareness of your breath empowering your life force. Do Three Harmonizing Breaths by inhaling through your nose, keeping your tongue on the top of your mouth. Exhale through your mouth, relaxing your tongue on the floor of your mouth.

Memory: Unmet basic life needs stored in your body’s memory from unresolved issues from the past can affect the quality of vision you have today. Emotional pain and tension tighten or weaken the eye muscles in response to emotional stress. This happens when the Sympathetic Nervous system’s fight or flight responds to stress signals. This changes your near and far point vision, the shape of your eyeballs, and impacts the ability of your eyes to track vertically and horizontally. When this happens, your ability to experience all of your senses changes in regards to self and others.

What You Can Do: Give yourself some loving and relaxing time to process events or situations in your life. Take inventory of stressful situations in your life. Find a way to delegate or let go of clutter in your home, office and activities. Make a space to heal unfinished business from the past. Create images in your mind and heart that bring a sense of happiness or gratitude. Find reasons to laugh.

It’s important to know that your perception of life impacts your attitude. Envisioning what is possible is your way of seeing the world. If you experience constant inner conflict, the feeling of being stuck, or feel that life is mostly hardship, this relates to both your vision of life and your physical vision. The relationship between stress and your attitude about a situation relates directly to how you envision your goals. Your vision directly impacts how you view a situation, and how much you can see other views or possibilities.

On the Chinese Medicine Wheel, vision is directly assigned to Wood Element, and works with liver and gallbladder. Liver works with processing toxins or unfinished business. Gallbladder works with processing fats or with decision-making. On the non-coherent side, anger and frustration interrupts coming to a resolution so that you can move forward with clarity and optimism.

When you transform your resonance with limitation of light, breath, movement, and unresolved memory imprints you will find that your vision of life and the quality of your physical vision will improve!

To improve your vision and quality of life with pinpoint accuracy and personal solutions, experience a personal Resonance Repatterning© with Kimberly Rex, MS, an experienced, certified Resonance Repatterning and Person-Centered Expressive therapist. Schedule a 60-90 minute session at

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To improve your vision and quality of life with pinpoint accuracy and personal solutions, experience a personal Resonance Repatterning© with Kimberly Rex, MS, an experienced, certified Resonance Repatterning and Person-Centered Expressive therapist. Schedule a 60-90 minute session at

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