As a writer, you might find yourself stuck - at the beginning (can't even get started), in the middle (where the heck do I go now), or at the end (is this really a good ending) of whatever you're writing. There are all sorts of techniques to get past writer's block, but it's even more than that.

Writers are usually voracious readers, so you're probably pretty familiar with all the formulas and structures out there. Think about watching a horror movie nowadays. Don't you just know the bad guy, whom everyone assumes is dead, is going to pop up for one last attempt at the good guys? The first few times it was done, it was a twist; it was a shock. Now it's simply overdone. Audiences come to expect it.

You might find as you're writing that everything seems as if it's been done before. This 8-step program for success? You're sure it's already been done. This how-to guide for financial intelligence? A million books out there. This fiction story on vampires? Yeah, it's been done (a BILLION times).

But your idea is a great one. You're passionate about it. You have something to share in this area that no one else does. You've taken what's already out there and put your own spin on it.

Think of it this way. How many diet books come out each year? Just one? Nope. More like a dozen. And if there are a dozen new diet books published this year, does that mean there won't be a need for any next year? Nope again. Every diet book is a little different. Each has its own technique, strategy, or formula, and the author wants to share with you.

To make sure your own writing is fresh and new, put a "what if..." spin on it. Come up with as many possibilities to the following questions and then see where you go. Try for 10. I know that sounds hard, but if you set a goal for at least 10, then your brain is going to try to meet that goal. And you never know what lovely possibilities you might find.

What if my readers were able to take this information and improve their lives? What could they do? (This helps you clarify your purpose and perhaps create even more content to answer to that purpose.)

What if my book became a best-seller? (What would that mean to you and your life? More importantly, what do you need to do to make that happen? What resources do you need?)

What if my main character ________? (Fill in the blank and then answer as many as you can for each derivation of the question.)

What if writing this book was easy? (How would that change the whole process for you? And how hard are you actually making it on yourself?)

What if I went deeper in this section? How deeply could I go? (Sometimes we don't go deeply enough into our message and purpose (for nonfiction) or expand a scene enough (for fiction). Go deep. And then go deeper. You can always contract and edit out later if it's too much.)

What if I extended my market to include _____? (Yes, narrowing your audience makes it easier to market, but what if you came up with other industries or markets who would want your book?)

What if the book ended this way? (Come up with as many endings as possible and see which one tickles you - and maybe even surprises you.)

Try combining some of those what-if possibilities together. Think outside the margin. Create something amazing and new, even if it's a diet book. Or, heaven forbid, yet another vampire book.

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