I am trying to be as real with you as I can - honesty is my strong suit. A lot of marketers and coaches have been lying to you. Now, I do believe that most of them have not done it intentionally. They forgot or are so focused on their position they have ignored their own facts.

So, I ask the question, what if we stopped marketing?

If we stopped marketing we might all be surprised. All the hype about passive income, sitting on the beach while you get rich, do less to make more, or this is the ONE system that solves everything is just hype - it truly is. There is only one thing that will grow, propel, and sustain a 6, 7, or 20 figure business. A movement! So, all the drama of marketing is just that - drama. To make a difference and make mone y stop marketing and start a movement.

OK, now let's cover some basic questions:

Stop marketing? Well, of course marketing serves a role in your business and you need to market on some level, but marketing alone and first is not going to solve your problems. It is just a spoke in the wheel. Creating a movement is the lynchpin... that is where you start.

What is a movement?

\ím¸v-ment\ An ongoing, informal group action that is inspired by a passionately shared idea and directed toward positive change

Friends, it is not in the emails, autoresponders, or strategy that attract people to you. What is your passionately shared idea directed towards for positive change? Building a business is not rocket science like many would like to scare you into believing - it is heart science. But, there are a few major pitfalls to avoid~

* A confusing message/movement

* Keeping your movement a secret - not sharing your message and leaving the house to spread the idea

* Thinking you do not have to ask people to join

* Giving up

Just look in our industry and outside of our industry for huge success ... it was all about movements and not marketing that launched these folks:

* Ali Brown created a new wave of communication - the email newsletter to reach more people

* Dr Oz transformed scary Dr talk into table talk and got a nation healthy

* David Neagle took complicated universal laws and simplified them for inspiration and optimum wealth

* Rosa Parks simply had enough and in an hour created the Civil Rights Movement

* Lisa Sasevich turned ugly sales into the invisible close

* Lance Armstrong turned cancer into courage

Folks, marketing helped these ideas get out, but it did not form them. Your movement is the single most important element in your business. Is yours clear? Are you ready? What will you change? Stop marketing and start a movement.

(c) 2010 Suzanne Evans

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