Teaching #1: Your life at this moment states the relation of what you’re attracting

It may only be apparent to you once I’ve explained what this actually means. But I would suggest that you stop thinking this way. To put it frankly, in one way or another, you attract what you have in your life right now.

It may possibly empower or disturb you though it really depends on how you view it.

It’s maybe theoretically disturbing because it would mean that you’re liable for all the bad things that are in your life right now.

Yet, if you will dig deeper, it also means that you will have the power to change any part of your life that you choose to!

Now I understand this idea might be hard to accept. Why would anyone want to attract bad things into their life, right? Well, usually, it’s simply our subconscious.

This is supported by innumerable data demonstrating the connection between the body and mind. Illnesses, often fatal ones, have been linked to distress residing in the subconscious mind and have been unbelievably cured once that distress has been taken care of.

You can check out The Field by Lynn Mctaggart for further reading about this matter.

Lesson #2: The words you use create

The words you use affect the way you feel. What you feel is what you become. That’s the basic principle of the Law of Attraction.

If you feel great about a particular subject, you acquire great things in that area of your life and vice versa.

So by changing the words you use and the way you talk about a certain trait of your life, you can develop the way you feel about it and thus improve your “external” situations.

Another key aspect to mention is the way you converse with yourself. If you t converse with yourself in a manner that makes you feel good, you begin to feel good more often and you attract more goodness into your life. Again, that’s just a simple addition of the law of attraction.

Lesson #3: Use small triumphs to escalate your belief in the Law of Attraction and manifest greater goals

One of the things that Michael Losier always talks about is recording the achievements you have with the law of attraction. Actually inscribing it down in your handwriting has this remarkable effect of strengthening it in your reality.

Making note of these small triumphs will create a positive twist in terms of using the Law of Attraction in building our dream life.

You see, when we first heard Law of attraction, we might have been skeptical about it though we have the option to believe it. Whichever way, we can only truly believe in a deeper level if we will have positive experiences.

Recognizing our successes, no matter how small it may be, will increase our belief and will allow us to attract even bigger things.

That’s it for my summary. Learn these 3 teachings of Michael Losier to heart and use them to improve your life.

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