How do you determine when is the time to replace your poly storage water tank- rather than professionally repair it?

Regardless of the water storage tank you have; if you opt to replace it, then other than the cost of the new tank, you will also need to consider those hidden costs that come with it.

It’s why most people look choose to repair it as it proves to be way less expensive in comparison replacing it. 

Factors Which Add To Tank Replacement Costs:-

Most owners consider the cost of the water tank (along with the shipping cost). But little do they know that there are many other additional factors which include. And below explains some of those additional expenses.

  • Adding A Temporary Day Tank:-

Do you need to add a temporary day tank till the time your new one arrives? Well, if you need the chemicals regularly, then you could think of adding a temporary water tank. You can opt for a smaller poly water tank (temporarily). 

Alternatively; you can even rent a smaller water tank as your back-up. There several rental agencies who will be happy to meet your needs.

  • Cost Of Tank Removal:- 

It is always a daunting task to remove your old and damaged water tank from your building. You will have to disconnect its pipes, pumps and accessories. Plus, the whole thing will have to be dragged out of the compound, and for that; you will need a group of helpers. 

And, if the main access door is small, then you will have to cut the tank partially and then remove it.

  • And, Lastly The Installation Expense:-

Again, if you find the new tank too large to fit in, then you have to remove the roofing/panelling and lift the tank using a crane into the building. Not to forget, once the tank is inside; you will need experts to install it properly, and they surely don’t work for free!

All these can further increase the cost of a water tank replacement. 

So, Does That Make Repairing A More Cost-Effective Option...?

Truth be told, they most certainly are! Generally, the cost of a water tank repair in the Gold Coast is way less than replacing.

Whether you have a strong rainwater tank, chemical tank, or fuel tank; these repair experts will:-

  • Weld the plastic using the appropriate set of tools and equipment. 
  • All existing splits and cracks will be professionally welded along with matching colour.
  • Also, its present holes will be patched properly, and if the need arises, then these water tank repair specialists will also weld new fittings and outlets on the tank surface.

The Verdict!

Not all damaged tanks can be repaired- especially those very old ones! So, the wise thing would be to summon experts in tank repairs and let them perform a thorough inspection to investigate the problem. 

They will tell you how well the existing tank is holding up and whether to repair or replace it.

So, arrange for a meeting with your trusted water tank repairing specialists whenever you see fit.

Author's Bio: 

The author... by profession offers top-quality water tank repair services throughout Gold Coast, and also shares smart tips and DIY hacks to deal with a cracked or damaged plastic water tank.