Prostatitis is a common male disease in young men. According to the severity of the disease, there are acute and chronic. According to the etiology, it can be bacterial prostatitis and non-bacterial prostatitis, of which chronic non-bacterial prostatitis is the most common.

What harm does non-bacterial prostatitis have?

Harm 1: pain affects life and work

Due to long-term inflammatory stimulation, patients will appear lumbosacral, perineum, testis and other parts of pain and neurasthenia and other problems, which will make patients restless, become irritable, affect daily life and work.

Harm 2: leading to female gynecological diseases

A bacterial infection sometimes causes prostatitis so that male sexual organs will carry these germs. If you ignore hygiene in sexual life, these germs will be brought into the female genitalia, thus leading to female gynecological diseases.

Harm 3: causing urinary tract infection, sexual dysfunction, etc.

Andrology experts said that non-bacterial prostatitis could cause frequent urination, urgency, pain, and endless urine problems. It can also make men's pudenda abdominal pain, distending pain and other issues. Patients with severe non-bacterial prostatitis will also have sexual dysfunction, affecting daily life and work.

Harm 4: affecting fertility

It has been found that patients with non-bacterial prostatitis are stimulated by inflammation for a long time, which will change the prostatic fluid composition and affect the secretion function of the prostate. It will then affect the liquefaction time of semen, reduce the survival rate of sperm, and then cause male infertility.

Harm 5: infecting other adjacent organs

Due to the long-term existence of non-bacterial prostatitis, without adequate treatment, inflammation will spread to the organs adjacent to the prostate, leading to inflammation of adjacent organs.

How should non-bacterial prostatitis be treated?

1. Western medicine treatment

Non-bacterial prostatitis is not really without bacterial infection, but patients in the smear test or urine examination found no pathogenic bacteria. It is the performance of bacteria hidden too deep. Patients can also do the antibiotic treatment.

Generally speaking, the patient needs to take antibiotics orally for three weeks, and then consider whether to continue the medication according to their feedback.

2. TCM Treatment

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of non-bacterial prostatitis is a popular method in recent years. Patients who do not like the side effects of Western medicine can be treated with it. It is mainly to clear away heat, diuresis, and purging lymph to improve the internal heat phenomenon and gradually relieve patients' symptoms.

The commonly used prescription is Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill developed by Li Xiaoping. The formula contains more than 50 plant ingredients. The reasonable proportion has been proved to be effective and safe in clinical practice for many years.

It can promote blood circulation, dissipate abnormal tissues, make the blocked catheter unobstructed, and eliminate patients' pain symptoms with chronic non-bacterial prostatitis.

3. Life conditioning

Patients with non-bacterial prostatitis must pay attention to the daily diet, avoid spicy food, drink alcohol and eat more greasy food. Pay attention to a light diet, but also take into account the rich nutrition. We should also pay attention to adjust our mental state to avoid tension, panic, stress or hypochondriasis.

To avoid repeated congestion of the prostate, patients should pay attention to sexual health. Reduce the number of sexual life and stop masturbation to avoid the prostatic congestion induced non-bacterial prostatitis again. Patients can also drink more water during the treatment, do not hold urine to reduce urine irritation and destroy bacteria's living space.

Prostatitis is not as severe as imagined. As long as you cooperate with the doctor's treatment, it is easy to return to the previous state. Men do not need to worry too much. Have a positive mood and master the treatment of non-bacterial prostatitis to get a faster recovery.

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