In my previous two articles I revealed you the three bold actions you must take to become coachable, and what that actually means.

In this article I will explain what’s in it for you. How does it change your life and your business if you ”grow a pair” as I suggested.

You do remember that I was really talking about guts. You need that – balls – to start making difficult decisions that will lead to changes in your business and life.

Unless of course, you’re perfectly happy with striving and trying so hard, because it proclaims your position as the martyr. In that case, I’m not the person you should listen to.

But here’s what happens when you abandon the conscientiousness and become coachable:

1. Your issues become temporary.

Conscientiousness causes chronic dissatisfaction. The glass that is actually half full, remains half empty for you, and as such it increases your stress. It’s not just about optimism, it’s a personal decision you make, because you control your own thoughts.

Life and business are full of setbacks, but it’s your job to decide the significance of each of them. There’s a big difference between “this thing didn’t work out” and “nothing works out”.

My personal favorite is “this didn’t work out –yet.”

2. You become a better coach.

Once you fully understand what coachability means, you can identify these traits in your own clients, and deliver better coaching.

Would you agree with me, that the absolute best way to learn how to coach is to teach others the things you want to learn?

Get other people ask you the questions you have to have answers to, and challenge you to grow.

That’s coachability. Not living in the mistaken notion that you need to deliver perfection or nothing at all.

3. Your comfort zone expands a natural way.

The fact is, that progress never occurs on the comfort zone, so your only option is to stretch it.
You will do it when you surrender the control, when you realize you cannot be prepared for everything, and when you rip your stockings in that tree I told you to climb.

All that courage can be directly transferred to your business decisions and every uncomfortable situation you face.

4. You start taking action.

Conscientiousness causes indecisiveness and fear, which leads to perfect inaction.

However comforting it is to know that you can’t make mistakes if you don’t do anything, nothing ever happens if you don’t take the first step, the leap of faith. And the next one. And then the next.

You can anticipate them to a certain point, but some will be left to chance. Bearing that uncertainty my friend, is coachability.

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