The Fate of the Old Number

Professional sports are full of athletes whose performance on the field of play sells their jerseys on the shelves of apparel stores. The conundrum that fans inevitably face (if they collect any number of jerseys) is that players have the tendency to be quite temporal with their choices of jersey number. This scenario has happened to me, for example, at least twice. While I don't wield a massive collection of sports memorabilia, as some do, I have enough jerseys to wonder: what are these things with old numbers on them worth?

The first instance of this happening was with a Kobe Bryant jersey. While I don't usually sell sports memorabilia, whether it's pro sports memorabilia or collegiate sports memorabilia, I am able to make a sports memorabilia appraisal pretty accurately. Therefore, when I heard that my newest jersey, a Kobe Bryant road jersey, was becoming my newest piece of authentic sports memorabilia, I was partially upset and partially curious. Would Bryant's number change from 8 to 24 put the jersey in the upper echelon of sports collectibles, or drop it out of monetary relevance?

The act of making a sports memorabilia appraisal involves a few things. A few of the main focuses in this piece of pro sports memorabilia were signature, condition, and, most importantly, player achievements while wearing each number. If not dealing with autographed sports memorabilia, even the value of authentic sports memorabilia goes down quickly. The value of sports collectibles are also heavily dependent on condition, as a jersey in perfect condition will understandably fetch a higher price than one in fair or poor condition as one looks to sell sports memorabilia. What the player does in his/her sport in the jersey in question is very important, as most people would recognize a #23 Michael Jordan jersey before a #45 because of his great career while wearing the former.

My jersey, not being autographed sports memorabilia, but being in good condition and representing Kobe's 81-point game, first scoring title, and first three championships, it currently lost a little bit of value. As time goes on and the #8 jersey grows more scarce, value will skyrocket once again. The fact that Bryant has already won another scoring title, two championships, and a Most Valuable Player Award as #24 hurts value as well. The best thing to do in the uncertain time after a number changes is to wait.For more details visit:

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