There is nothing more fun than a day out with your friends or family shooting each other.

I don’t of course mean shooting each other with real bullets I’m talking about a paintball day. This activity is becoming more and more popular particularly for stag dos as it is a great team building activity and provides lots of fun and entertainment.

Usually in paintballing you are split into two teams and are both given a camp site each that you need to protect from the other team. Although there are many different games in paintball, the usual scenario is that you have to you steal the opposing team’s flag before getting shot and if you do get shot you are out of the game.

If you have never tried a paintball day in before be prepared, as if you get shot at close range which although is not supposed to happen it often does, it hurts. You may well end up with a bright red circle on your back is if you been hit with a golf ball.

You will also be given safety instruction at the start of the day and it’s vital that you listen. Paintballs is a pretty hard and the paintball guns that are used can launch them at 200 miles an hour directly towards your face.

You should hear that you will be wearing when paintballing is overalls, gloves and a face mask. You may not be issued with gloves but I highly recommend them as when a paintball hits your hands are really hurts.

At some paintball venues they have buildings and structures especially created to add to the experience and realism of the games.

You can also purchase smoke grenades and bangers to help you defeat the enemy although they are often quite expensive. It is also unlikely that you will be able to bring your own as the paintball company likes to sell you their own and also be certain of the type of grenades you are using for safety reasons.

When paintballing you can often just do it for a morning or an afternoon, or even the whole day and usually some kind of food is provided at lunchtime and free tea and coffee.

If you’re doing it in the summer then expect to get very hot as you be running around all day and depending on the area that may include hills. On the other hand, if you are doing in the winter, make sure you are wearing warm clothing and it is advisable to wear layers so if you get too hot you can remove one at a time.

One major safety thing to remember is never to remove your mask at any point while in the battle area for any reason. If the paintball should hit you in the face and of course your eyes then you could be in serious trouble.

You may need to buy additional paintball is on the day and these usually are around £20 for 500 balls which is not too bad as long as you don’t go through them too fast. When you’re shooting your paintball gun make sure you have a good chance of hitting your target and that the enemy is not too far away, otherwise you will just waste your paintballs.

Why not enjoy a paintball day with your friends or on a stag weekend in the UK. Everyone who does paintball loves it and it's a great way to get the lads together.

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