Question to Metatron:

On the 1-1-11 (Jan 1, 2011) 5,000 birds apparently fell from the sky in Arkansas, and on the same day 100,000 fish died in the Arkansas River. Can you explain what happened, and is it related in any way to the Crystal Activation?


It was indeed an occurrence that raised quite a lot of attention. The demise of the blackbirds was in truth an aspect of the crystalline energies of Arkansas, the death of the fish was not. And although initially reported as occurring the same day, the fish began dying several days earlier. The fish died as a result of a bacterium in the river waters, which occurred as the result of residual traces of an agricultural pollutant that drained into the river far upstream.

The referenced occurrence took place when an enormous flock of red-winged blackbirds, hundreds of thousands of which nest in this area, flew into a piezo-electrical pulse of crystalline energy in that portion of the Crystal Vortex. The birds flew into an electrical vortexial emission that sadly temporarily stunned them and approximately 4500 of a flock of more than 15,000 experienced a loss of equilibrium. They died as a result of blunt trauma from the crash impact to the ground. Now we will add that this particular type of flocking bird operates in group-thought pattern, somewhat similar to a school of fish. This type of life form is actually a unified concentric beingness and one 'mind' pattern regulates their awareness. This is how they manage to make such beautiful aerobatic swirls in mass, as if precisely choreographed. In a manner of speaking these flocks are one entity with many units composing one awareness . They are not individual beings, per se, in the usual sense. As such, their composite beingness is still quite alive.

Now, let us add that what happened in Arkansas was not a result of HAARP or any covert military, secret government activity, despite the conspiracy theorists speculations. It was a natural occurrence that has taken place before in this area, albeit from different tension source. All quartz is piezoelectric. This is a mineralogical property of quartz well known to your science. Quartz is capable under certain pressurized
conditions of emitting an electrical charge. However, in this case the charge was triggered from the quickening pulses of the enormous Atlantean Temple Crystals in Arkansas. The pulsing activations of the Temple Crystals created a surface charge across the face of the massive quartz deposits and this released a crysto-electrical charge. The piezoelectric shock wave occurred briefly and at an elevation 2000 feet above the ground.

Now, we tell you that other 'unusual' incidents of quartz properties have been occurring as a result of the crystals activating and such events will continue to manifest. Quartzitic energies have myriad properties when combined with magnetics that are as yet unknown to your scientists. Magnetite is widespread and abundant on earth, but magnetic minerals with properties exhibiting intrinsic polarity are quite rare. One of the most potent concentrations of intrinsic polar lodestone is in the quartz bearing center of the Crystal Vortex at Magnet Cove, Arkansas near Hot Springs.

Crystalline quartz when blended with certain magnetic properties are capable of opening dimensional apertures to create what you term stargates and wormholes in space. These are intermittently occurring, appearing and disappearing in random apertures above the earth's surface in the crystal vortex at present. This activity will be regulated after the alignment and recoding of the Crysto-Sun disc on the

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