Looking back at history, hundreds of years ago, it seems to me that we (the humans) were different; we were somehow more passionate about life. There was a "fire" burning within us that was very strong and powerful. We had less distraction like TVS, computers and other "luxuries" that we have today. We used to be more connected to ourselves as we spent time with ourselves and took the time to quiet our minds. People used to connect at a deeper level, they had to, and they used their senses better. Better still, they believed in themselves, in their dreams and they were courageous and inspiring. They fought the "battles" they believed in despite their fears.

I was watching one of my favorite movies "Braveheart" starring Mel Gibson the other night and from the depth of my soul I felt the passion, the drive, the "whatever it takes" attitude of William Wallace, the main character who fought for what he believed in, for his purpose, for his people to death.

He saw a problem, which was more than 100 years of English domination, theft, rape and pain that his people were experiencing. His dad and his brother died for freedom. At a very young age, an orphan, he already had a "fire" burning inside of him and wanted to fight. His uncle who adopted him told him that he needed to master his mind before mastering his sword. That advice served him later on in his life as he lead the biggest revolution in Scotland's history to lead his people to freedom.

Before he got to that point, an event happened, the English lords killed his beloved wife whom he married in secret because he didn't want them to rape her on their wedding night as there was an English rule that stated that the English lords would sleep with every new bride before their husbands. That event triggered him to start a new journey to liberate his people. We can think of his life as a map with different steps that would eventually lead to freedom and liberation.

The first step was to revenge his wife's death, his people (tribe) supported him and from that point, they became his followers and they went on a quest to kill all the English lords and soldiers who were terrorizing their tribe. More and more people join him from all over Scotland and even from the neighboring countries because they were sick and tired of the English domination. There is a trigger point in life when one just cannot take any more pain and suffering His movement was born.

Step number 2 in his journey was to destroy the main English posts that the king of England was using to rule the Scottish. He got the king's attention and he King wanted him dead at all costs, the King used different strategies; he even used his own daughter in law to trick him and tried to buy his loyalty with lands and riches. Even though the Scottish lords fell for lands and riches, William Wallace did not.

Step number 3: His tribe and his purpose were more important than wealth they offered him. He strongly and fervently believed in his mission. William inspired his people to go to war and fought for freedom so that one-day the Scottish could be liberated, free and live in peace. He gave them hope and they stood and fought by his side on every battle, risking their lives for a cause that was bigger than all of them.

Step number 4:Despite the enemy's resources and power, William kept going, he found an ally in the king's daughter in-law who felt in love with him and told him about the King's plan to destroy his camps and kill him. When he was finally caught, betrayed by the Scottish lords, the English tortured him and they did whatever they could to "break" him physically and mentally; but he took on the pain, when he was asked to say his last word, he screamed the word "freedom" which represented his purpose just before they beheaded him.

His death inspired the Scottish lords who once were against him to join forced with his tribe and they went to war with the English until they were free with the spirit of Wallace accompanying them on every battle. I do not know about you, but I sure cried like a baby on that intense scene, to the last word, to the last breath, William Wallace was true to himself, believed in his purpose to the end... Men like William Wallace are very rare nowadays...

In the modern world, how many of us are truly "fighting" for what we love, in the name of purpose, in the name of service for GOD? How many of us are honoring our calling? How many of us are living our purpose? Most of us are blinded by our insecurities and fears and hide behind the veil of "victimhood".

Life is meant to be joyful, fun and happy, it is about loving and caring for each other, it is not about dwelling in our self-created "hell mindset". Yes, hell is just a mindset and we torture ourselves in this life with our self-loathing, our fears, that little voice in our head that tells us that we are not good enough, that we are too fat, too skinny, unworthy, this and that. Most of us think that we do not deserve good things in life, that we are not good enough. That success, wealth, happiness, abundance and joy is meant for others and not us. That mindset is a mindset of hell, a mindset of lack.

Why not dwell in "heaven" by loving ourselves, living our soul purpose each day, serving the ones we were called to serve, by making a positive difference in this world and be grateful for anything and everything in our lives? Why can't we "fight" (Not with weapons but with our words and our actions) for what we believe and be willing to "die " for it like William Wallace? Are you willing to allow GOD to use you for your highest good and for the highest good of humanity?

If you are ready to LIVE big, ready to thrive, ready to lead a movement, ready to do whatever it takes, ready to do what you love, ready to serve the people you care about, ready to participate in the expansion of the universe, ready to be a coach of GOD, ready to transform lives, ready to stand in your divine power (yes you are a spiritual being having a human experience), ready to break the limits of the impossible, ready to embrace "YOU", now is the time to be authentic with yourself, stand in your power, live your purpose and make a positive difference in people's lives.

I invite you to take the next step, what is the next step for you from where you are today? Create the map of your life with four main steps to describe your journey from "hell to "heaven"; find your tribe, monetize your map by coaching them to take the same journey that you have already taken. Your map is the key to someone's liberation, freedom, joy and peace. Get clear on it by doing the work.

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I am the Wealth Creation Coach for the Evolving Women Entrepreneurs who are ready to breakthrough their financial limitations and create true wealth standing in their power, living their purpose and creating possibilities.