Epididymitis is a common disease. Epididymitis mostly occurs in young people, will harm everyone's body. Therefore, please pay attention to it. Because epididymitis has acute and chronic, so the treatment also has emphasis.

For acute epididymitis, patients should rest in bed and hold up scrotum to relieve pain. Because it belongs to infection, carry out the anti-infection treatment. In the clinic, people should select broad-spectrum antibiotics and antibiotics with a better effect on Gram-negative bacteria.

And for chronic epididymitis, people can choose traditional Chinese medicine for treatment, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Because chronic epididymitis and chronic prostatitis often exist simultaneously, the two diseases are treated at the same time. Besides treating epididymitis, the pill can also treat other parts of the infection, such as the prostate, which acts on the whole tissue.

It is worth noting that both acute and chronic epididymitis, if bilateral, may lead to infertility, so epididymitis should be treated in time.

In daily life, in addition to medication, what kind of beneficial food can patients eat?

People can eat some light and nutritious food, do not eat spicy or stimulating food. People with epididymitis can eat carrot, celery and vegetables to prevent constipation. If you usually have constipation, you can also drink some honey.

Mung bean soup can be drunk to clear away heat and detoxify. Eat more food containing vitamin C can improve the body's ability to resist. Pay attention not to eat spicy pepper, onion, mustard, and other stimulating food. Also, avoid too greasy or high-fat food.

At the same time, quit smoking and alcohol to avoid body heat and accelerate inflammation development. In addition, patients should not eat high cholesterol food, especially some barbecue, fried food.

Patients should keep their stools unobstructed. They can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits every day to supplement the vitamins and minerals needed by the human body and eat some grains to facilitate defecation, such as sweet potato, potato, celery, etc. when the patient has severe constipation.

You can drink a cup of honey water when you get up early, but you can't drink too much honey water, to prevent patients from excessive estrogen and other types of diseases. In summer, patients can drink more mung bean soup to help clear away heat and detoxify, and eat more foods rich in vitamin C.

Patients with epididymitis should not eat some high sugar foods, such as snacks, sugar, or chocolate. The mold will survive in the sweet environment, so if you eat sweet food, it will let the mold grow and reproduce in the environment of high glycogen, which will lead to the aggravation of epididymitis.

Besides, have a regular diet, try to cook at home and avoid eating junk food. Eat more green food and pay attention to the health and hygiene of food.

In addition, patients should also pay attention not to drink some more exciting drinks, such as coffee, strong tea, etc., it is best not to drink or drink less. You can drink more warm water.

Epididymitis patients can eat more nutritious food, such as lean meat, legumes, and fresh fruits and vegetables. These foods are rich in high-quality protein and iron and beneficial to enhance the patient's physical fitness, improve the disease resistance, promote the recovery of the patient's condition, and play a useful role in the treatment.

In addition, patients should pay attention to diet during the treatment, and do not eat greasy food, such as fat pork, butter, etc.. Greasy food can help damp and increase heat, which will lead to the aggravation of the patient's condition and affect the treatment effect.

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