For many people who are looking to implement Microsoft dynamics, the one major challenge they have that should always be put into consideration, is how much it will cost them. From the clients’ perspective, the cost of implementation depends on several issues such as the budget compared with the ultimate purpose, also, the cost can greatly differ from one firm to another. While making your Microsoft dynamics buying decision, you should consider a firm that is reputable, experienced and at the same time offering low cost of buying and implementation. This may mean even considering the discount factor.

Some of the factors that should be taken into account are;

1. The amount of configuration needed; as much as it may work out just fine there are many users that may require customizations depending on their personal needs. The more the specifications of a user the more the cost of implementation. It is thus important to know the specific gaps that exist between standard functionality and the customized business requirements in order to be able to determine the configuration amount that maybe needed.

2. The number of users needed and their type;just like customization of the dynamics based on the requirements of a company so as to determine the amount of configuration, so does the number and type of users. For instance, a company may require a staff of 2-5 people in a certain department who will then dispatch the information, while others may give full user access for the project managers and other personnel who are not related to the given department. With the idea on the number of people who may be using the dynamics, you can easily download MS Office and other Microsoft dynamics knowing the amount of costs that will be needed for the software, and the implementation.

3. Integration to the third party software; this is very popular among many Microsoft dynamics users and it can be very simple just like use of predefined touch points or better still the full custom integration. Just like the configuration amount, knowing the amount of integration can help greatly in determining the overall costs.

4. The training required; the staff in any organization is different in terms of how fast they
are in learning new things. Also, the skills are very different. If you are buying Microsoft dynamics for the purpose of the company’s use, there will be a need of training before implementation takes place. Training can vary from one individual to another depending on the complexity of the implementation as well as the size of your staff. How fast or slow your staff is in learning new things can also contribute to the amount of training to be done. This results to the variance in the costs.

Having said that, it is very important for any individual to make solid decisions considering any cause that may increase the prices and if possible, try to minimize the costs.

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Karen Cole is freelance writer in field of Technology and Health. She loves to share her knowledge with others.