Have you been considering attending college but not sure if it’s worth the trouble and expense? Earning a college degree is more than just having a piece of paper. It can be the key to a better future for yourself and your family. Below are some of the obvious and not-so-obvious benefits of getting a college degree.

Higher Wage Potential

Earning a higher wage is the major reason people choose to earn a college degree. While getting a college degree may not automatically guarantee a larger paycheck, college graduates typically have more job opportunities available to them. There are also many positions that only available to college graduates.

More Job Satisfaction

Many surveys have been done regarding job satisfaction for employees both with and without college education. The College Board reported on a 2008 survey of job satisfaction by education level. The results showed that the individuals with the highest rate of job satisfaction were those with college degrees.

Having the degree alone won’t make a job more satisfying, but it will open up more job opportunities for the employee. Many employees enroll in online programs because it allows them to earn a degree while continuing to work. Job satisfaction is not only important while on the job but can also beneficial to your health and overall well-being. A satisfied employee is generally a happy employee.

Less Chance of Being Unemployed

Having a college degree can also be beneficial in terms of employment. While unemployment is still a problem in our economy, it is slowly improving. The highest number of unemployed, full-time workers 25 and older have less than a high school diploma and those with just a high school diploma are the next highest. Not surprising is the fact the higher degree, the lower the unemployment rate according to a U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics report.

Job Security

With economy as shaky as it’s been in recent years, many companies have faced major layoffs. In many cases, the employees with the lowest amount of education are the first to be unemployed. Employees with college education are often in higher positions and viewed as an asset to the company.

Some companies will invest in an employee’s education because it makes the employee more valuable to the business. Students that can’t afford to quit their jobs often enroll in online programs, which may also be paid by the employer. In fact, employers may encourage workers to enroll in online programs because the employee won’t have to leave the company to attend college.

Better Benefits

Employees with college degrees are generally offered positions with the highest wages. Many high-level positions require at least a bachelor degree. These high-salary positions generally come with excellent benefit packages such as unemployment benefits, pensions, profit sharing and health insurance, among others. These type of benefits are usually not offered to employees with only a high school diploma unless they manage to work their way up over many years.

Many individuals have desires to go to college and earn degrees but find that it’s more expensive than they thought. They also discover they can’t afford to be unemployed and in college at the same time. This is often the case with married people with families.

Online programs, which are now available at many schools, make getting a degree much easier because students can learn at their own pace and continue to support their family and meet family and financial obligations. The time to get a college degree has never been better. All an online student needs is a computer with Internet and a commitment to learning!

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