Some experiences are so extraordinary that they remain etched to some part of our minds, forever. The human mind. Stress responses usually trigger a fight/flight/freeze response. Sometimes, an event is so powerful that our mind develops a permanent response against it and starts developing triggers related to the event the trigger could be images, emotions, or events. For instance, if a certain person saw a tiger, the fight/flight/freeze response will lead to uncontrolled fear. If that person gets out of the situation safely, she might still be haunted by the rustling of leaves or a photograph of a tiger. EMDR therapy providers helps us process these memories and allows the mind to heal, normally. The details of the event is recalled; however, the fight/flight/freeze response is untangled. It allows the person to heal the emotional pain and distress of a disturbing life event.
Several studies show that EMDR therapy is beneficial even for events that took place many years ago. EMDR therapy providers ensure that the mind can recover just like the body. The body closes down a wound to heal. However, if a foreign object keeps injuring the wound, it won’t heal the pain. The mind works in a similar manner. The EMDR therapy providers work at removing the block and healing the mind. If the blockage persists, the emotional wound keeps getting worse and the patient keeps suffering from the greater intensity. Therefore, the therapist works at unblocking the mind and healing it. EMDR therapy providers help patients to unlock their natural healing process. The EMDR therapy providers can be proud of the fact that 84-90% of single-trauma victims start healing after only three 90-minuets sessions. There is another study that suggests that 100% of single-trauma patients and 77% of multiple-trauma patients no longer show PTSD symptoms after six 50-minute sessions. There is another study that claimed a 77% success rate for combat veterans who found their mental freedom only in 12 sessions. A lot of research verifies EMDR therapy to be one of the best way of treating trauma and other disturbing experienced. EMDR therapy providers can be proud of the fact that the therapy is recognized by the American Psychiatric Association, the World Health Organization, and the Department of defense. EMDR therapy will surely be used more commonly and frequently in the future to treat individuals having low self-esteem and other psychological issues. Millions of people have already been treated using the EMDR therapy and many will reap the fruit of this wonderful therapy. Note that EMDR providers conduct therapy in an eight-phase treatment. Eye movements are used in one part of the sessions. The clinician has to determine the memory that needs to be targeted first. It doesn’t require a lot of talking about the distressing event—an aspect that may put clients at ease. All EMDR therapy providers target removing the block by focusing on changing the emotions, thoughts, and reactions resulting from the traumatic event. EMDR therapy providers can be concluded in a few sessions when compared to other therapies. That is another advantage that must not be overlooked. There are plenty of EMDR therapy providers in California that you can contact if you live nearby.

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