“Do You Know These Einstein Quotes?”
• 1. “The only valuable thing is Intuition.”

• 2. “A Little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. But,
a Lot of knowledge is too.”

• 3. “If you cannot explain your amazing idea, invention or theory to a smart ten-year old, you may NOT be on to something.”

• 4. “It is better Cousin Harold, to be a man of Value (worth) than one of Success.”

• 5. “I am often wrong. But I forgive myself and move on. I never worry about the future. It will take care of its self.”

• 6. “I view Quantum Entanglement as “Spooky action at a distance”. Many disagree. Science will prevail.”

• 7. “Cousin Harold, there are two-ways to live-your-life. One is that your entire existence, and Everything you do and occurs in your life is a Miracle.

The second way to live your life is that Nothing that you do or experience matters. Your life is NOT a Miracle.
You are merely one of billions, another leaf on the tree-of-life or one more blade of grass. Do a “Thought-Experiment”. Which do you “Choose?”

• A. Einstein received the Nobel Prize is 1922 for the PhotoElectric Effect, not his theory of Relativity. The Nobel committee was uncertain that “Relativity” would prove a scientific truth.
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Copyright© 2013, Bernard Wechsler (Harold is my given name.)
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