If you were to paint a picture of who you are on the inside, what would you look like?

Most of us spend too much time making the best of our outer facade which is just “dressed” skin, muscle and bone structure at the end of the day. We are perceived blessed by media hype if we are stunning, handsome, beautiful or gorgeous and so disproportional outer emphasis is still intrinsically embedded into our psyche.

But what of the look of your inner world? Think about it. The place that dominates your view of life, the quality of your relationships and how much you are and have. Is that a such great picture? Because that’s the bit which controls your life and it ain’t pretty on some people.

My analogy of your inner and outer worlds is a shop and it’s shop front.

Loads of people spend endless hours dressing their shop front with gorgeous shiny, polished, colourful, tantalising parts of themselves, all in an effort to be more inviting, pleasing and worthy, lovable.

But a shop front that looks like a magical Aladdin’s Cave is no good unless the goods in the shop i.e. the inner you, reflect what’s in its window.

Imagine yourself spotting what you want in a very desirable window, only to find shabby unkempt old stock that is hidden deep in the depths of the shop and the salesperson is slumped in the corner looking worn out and totally uninterested in life.

What then of someone who hasn’t really set out their shop front with much to invite in relational customers and yet inside the shop there is a stunning, light bright, well ordered array of wholesome, loving “stock” positively brimming over with availability? Would people still want to look inside if the outside weren’t inviting? I reckon it depends on circumstance.

I use the analogy to avoid the specific nature of our physical shop front, being targeted at weight or dress sense for example because it’s not my place to judge what you may need to spend time on.

But take some time and see if your inner and outer emotional, mental and physical merchandise is in good nick or could really do with an overhaul in various areas?

Inner shops and their shop fronts that are not congruent often cause endless issues in intimate relationships.

You starting dating someone who’s shop front is “phwoarrrr” and yet after a few weeks once they’ve let you beyond the front door you start to see that the emotional shelves could do with huge repair and yet they never seem to have the motivation and money to fix it!

It’s a fact that the inner shops are the one’s at war when things go wrong in your relationships. No matter how pretty you are on the outside, it won’t make you happy ultimately. So working on refurbing your shop is a good bet.

Much of the self development movement is really your DIY handbook in how to refurb your shop.

But nothing can be changed unless you are firstly self aware which I equal with becoming conscious. And that’s where ALL your relationships are vital as sources of learning.

Every relationship in your life and not just the intimate ones will show you what could do with a little effort on.

Now that doesn’t mean that everyone around you should be telling you how to be or look. Lord knows we grow up being infiltrated by others opinions and then spend a lifetime in self development seminars or therapy ridding ourselves of labels and other peoples crap. But some opinions stick with us because they reflect our inner truth. So work on those.

I guess the biggest thing that many of us are working towards is having a transparent shop front.
One that reflects the huge light within your being. A mesmerising store of Love. Everything else; your personality, ego and material are merely in the way and could always do with a bit of refurbing.

Make it your life’s work. I promise all you are doing is returning to love. Who would say no to that?

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Choose a conscious relationship...or not! Bypass me and all I have to say if you think your love life is perfect!