When you want to start up a conversation with someone new, there are several commonly used topics. Given the polarization today, the topic of politics may produce far too many “F” sharps than most of us are comfortable with in polite conversation. So “How ’s the weather?” works. Typical responses you get the basic, “nice”, “sunny”, “rainy”, or if you are from my area, “snowy”. But those are not really the responses you are searching for if you want to keep the conversation going. You want some input.

What can I expect if I visit? What is the forecast and how accurate is the projection being provided? Is it from a barometer in your home, dropping as a storm approaches or is it based on national measurements, updated hourly as the storm approaches? If you say it is going to be sunny, I may start planning for a day off because I have not seen the sun in sooo long. But I don’t want to waste a vacation day. If it is going to rain, I want to find that umbrella hidden in the back of the closet, needlessly carried all day if it does not.

If I am having the conversation with you, I may fall back on the old tried and true, “How ’s your business going?” If your answers are “Good”, “Holding our own”, “Doing ok considering the market”, my curious nature wants to know more. I live in Buffalo. If something is coming, I want to know more. It is good compared to what? As in the weather conversation, how can planning be done with such ambiguous answers? What are you basing that on? What are you monitoring, forecasting with and how often are they checked? Check out the full blog...

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