In continuation to the previous article, let us find out what the science of numerology has to say about your personality based on your birthday.

16th - You are more of a follower than a leader. You prefer being guided as you are not very agile to do things on your own. You can get very lazy and shrewd at times.

17th - You tend to remain more attached to your past life. You are not someone from the future. You are quite conservative who has their own way of doing things.

18th - You seem to have a dual personality to your existence as you prefer to have a back-up in your life, always. You can be materialistic as well as spiritual at the same time.

19th - You are someone who just never gives up. You can come back from any adverse situation in life and turn it in your favour, and this comes from your originality in life.

20th - You prefer to be surrounded by people all the time. You hate being alone and can get quite moody at times. You must protect yourself from letting others take advantage of you.

21st - You are one amongst the most interesting people on the face of this earth. You are born with a golden spoon in your mouth. You crave for the limelight more often than not.

22nd - You have a very interesting talent of knowing what others are thinking as your psychic side is quite enhanced. You are more of a dreamer and a very compassionate individual.

23rd - You are someone who just hate to be confined. You are a free bird and prefer staying that way in life. You are also quite emotional and considerate by nature.

24th - You want everyone around you to be happy and gay. You often tend to become active to the point of getting restless. You have a difference of opinion with more people than not and are quite stubborn.

25th - You are of the intuitive sort who loves questioning things and/or situations. You need to let go of your restless nature to achieve success in life. You are also very philosophical.

26th - You are someone who has very high levels of managerial and organisational skills. You believe in living life to the hilt and are also pretty cooperative by nature.

27th - You are a born leader who just loves to be on the move as travelling is in your blood. You are very affectionate, too, and people enjoy your company. You tend to show an erratic behavior sometimes, though.

28th - Independent and strong willed, you are born for the riches as lady luck has a special preference for you when it comes to the matters of finance. You do what you prefer in life.

29th - You are an intellectual individual who remains pretty inspired in life. You, however, have a very irregular personality that keeps fluctuating often. You have a special talent of seeing things that others can’t.

30th - You are an attractive individual who loves to entertain people around them with their superb mimic acts. As a result people enjoy your company. You are also quite careful and vigilant in life.
31st - You are a very adaptable individual who can blend-in into any situation and/or circumstance. You are also pretty strong-headed and self-disciplined in your life.

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