Did you ever wonder why you are the way you are? Why do you behave in a certain way that others don’t? Why do you have some similar traits with a few people but not with others?

The science of numerology reveals the mystery behind your personality based on your ruling number.

1st - Taking orders has never been your forte! You prefer in working for yourself as you are logical and independent, and hence well suited for business.

2nd - You are a gentle soul and feel for others as you are considerate and affectionate by nature. You can also be quite sentimental and jittery at times.

3rd - You are someone who is not only super friendly but also very expressive. People enjoy your company and love to be around you. You prefer to be in the limelight.

4th - You are the perfect muse for the business world as you are very hard working and dedicated. You also think from your head rather than your heart.

5th - Versatility can easily be your middle name as you are talented, intelligent and funny. You are intrigued by travelling and prefer having variety in life.

6th - A pure believer in the emotion of love, you want perfection in everything you do or everywhere you go. You are someone who thinks from their heart.

7th - More like a tough nut, you are quite difficult to crack. You prefer to keep your emotions to yourself. You are quite serious and intellectual.

8th - Lady Luck has been more than generous to you when it comes to the financial matters. You are considerate and shrewd at the same time.

9th - Intellectuality and generosity seems to be flowing within your body along with your blood. You could excel in any sphere of your life you choose to.

10th - You want your life to be constantly happening as you tend to get bored very soon. You could reach the pinnacle of your life faster than others.

11th - You have pretty high morals and need a lot of pampering. You are also quite intuitive by nature and possess a great level of intellectuality.

12th - Imagination and creativity seem to flow from your veins, unadulterated. You are outgoing and love to mingle with people.

13th - You are quite an organised individual in your life. You always remain grounded and under control, and prefer to think from your head.

14th - You are someone who gets into the nitty-gritties of things and have an acute eye for details. You are also a highly creative individual.

15th - You are quite an original thinker. You do not imitate anybody but come up with your own ideas. You are also very ambitious by nature and are attractive too.

(to be continued…)

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