I think it’s safe to say that anyone who’s taken the time to build a “Bucket List” of things to accomplish has included at least one trip of a lifetime. Exactly what a “trip of a lifetime” looks like depends in great part on the “why” behind that particular dream.

It could mean . . .

* Your one chance to do all the things you want to do on one trip
* A place that, for whatever reason, you’ll never be able to go again
* A trip that will change your life beyond the actual journey

Wherever the destination, more than ever before, people are looking for travel experiences that will expand their horizons, remove them from their comfort zone, and serve as an opportunity to reevaluate what’s important in their lives.

“Travel is not a passive experience. Travel is not something we get done to us, like a haircut or a massage. Travel is not something out there we find on the road. The trip of a lifetime comes as much from inside as it does from outside . . . “ – Frank Bures, Author

What makes a trip life changing is partly the place, but also the joy, curiosity, knowledge and sincerity that we bring to the experience. It is the people we meet and how much we allow the experience to become a part of us that fulfills the promise and stays in our memories.

Sadly, too many people allow their trip of a lifetime to languish on “someday I’ll” list, too often never to be realized.

Life is just too short, and the older you get the faster the years seem to pass. So instead of leaving that trip on the backburner until you’re too old or too pooped to enjoy it. Why not decide today to take your trip of a lifetime . . . take the first step, and before you know it you know it you’ll be packing your bags.

But when you go, go there completely. Get to know the people, see the neighborhoods, learn the history and push your comfort zone by doing new things. Stay long enough to consider what’s really important in your life.

Now imagine how will you feel when you find yourself somewhere you’ve only dreamt of? Will the reality clash with the vision when you actually see the sunset off the Greek Isles, as opposed to seeing it in a photograph?

There is only one way to find out. . .

Author's Bio: 

Marquita lives in Maui, Hawaii and her professional background includes a successful 20 year sales and marketing career as a "road warrior" traveling the world promoting the Hawaii, followed by seven years as award winning coach working with new entrepreneurs building a home based businesses. Currently she is indulging her passion for writing by growing a lifestyle blog and writing a book, while continuing to provide training and support to new entrepreneurs.