It feels like it has been a long summer. To add to it, it’s been rather hot the last couple of weeks. Since my kids are still on summer break, I was left to find some entertainment that would be fun for the girls and me and would still give us relief from the heat. So, we went boogying down to the skating rink.

Here I was having a grand o’l time, getting some fun exercise, while enjoying the air conditioner and the latest pop music waltzing me around the rink. Suddenly the lights were turned down and the blinking of disco lights colored the floor creating psychedelic patterns while Bruno Mars sang to me, “Treasure - that is what you are…”

Oh yeah, I was feeling pretty groovy, when I suddenly began feeling a little woozy. The patterns on the floor began attacking my senses and I almost tumbled to the ground. Now, when you fall down and you’re a kid, it’s totally fine, but when you’re an adult – ouch – both on the body and the ego! I managed to stay vertical catching my balance as I continued on around the rink.

Then, just like any other time, my Life Analoger (yes, I know that’s not a word, but what else do you call someone who’s always coming up with life analogies?) came out. And this is what I learned at the skating rink, disco ball and all ~

Things that make you fall:

•Watching what the skater next to you is doing – sometimes we get so caught up in everyone else’s business that we end up forgetting we have a life over here. Think of all the precious time you could be devoting to the areas of your life that are requiring your attention. When we are engaged in our own life and tending to the weeds in our garden, watering the flowers, and appreciating the fruits on the tree, we are much more able to welcome abundance, peace, and happiness into our lives.

•Comparing yourself to other skaters – have you noticed sometimes how we compare ourselves to our friends, colleagues, siblings, co-workers, you name it?!? Every time we compare, we take away our ability to be the best us that we can be. What if it were time for us to acknowledge our greatness so we can see how others actually complement us instead of threaten us? You are the only YOU on this planet. There’s no one else like you and you are GREAT in your own way!

•Skating in the dark with strobe lights on – have you ever tried getting up in the middle of the night when everything is dark and walking around the house? Most likely you will end up bumping into something, and if you have small kids, stepping on a toy that will for certain hurt your foot. Sometimes that’s how our lives feel like. We feel like we’re walking in the dark not being able to see where we are going. Then you add a strobe light and forget it, you have now been captivated by shining objects and you just lost focus of your goals, your dreams, and who you are. When you feel this way, take a break and go sit on a bench for a little while. This is a great time for some self-care. Then come back when the lights in your head are on again. You’ll come back with a fresh perspective.

•Skating while thinking of negative things – ha! I must admit that for a split second, a negative thought entered my mind and I almost lost my balance. Ok, so it’s unrealistic to think that you will be able to forever eradicate negative thoughts. But here’s the thing, if you walk around in life always having negative or pessimistic thoughts, you’re bound to fall. I noticed that when I went into negative thinking, my shoulders slumped, my head hung low, and my body weighed more because negativity weighs you down. The key here is to stay mindful (aware) of your thoughts, and when negative thoughts creep in, you will have the opportunity to shift them on the spot.

Things that make you skate (live) with grace:

•Skating while smiling and having fun – I noticed that the people who skated the best were those who were fully enjoying themselves and having fun. They were singing and sometimes dancing to the music being played. Have you noticed how small your problems seem when you are actually enjoying life despite the challenges? When we can enjoy our life despite any challenging situation we may be facing, things open up for us and we’re better equipped to handle our circumstances with more ease and grace. It’s all about attitude!

•Allowing the music to lead you – there are times in our lives where we feel stuck or stiff and we just feel like we can’t go on using the strategy of our minds. This is the perfect time to turn to your favorite music and allow it to lead you. There is something about music that speaks to the heart, and once the heart is dancing, the mind relaxes and the heart takes over. This is truly where magic happens and solutions to our challenges appear.

•Respecting all the skaters on the rink – I noticed this young man cutting someone off on the rink. He was a really good skater and could most likely avoid colliding with another skater, but here’s the thing, we are all on the rink together and while some seem to skate better than others, we are all equal. There are people at all different levels of skating skills. Respecting another shows them that you care and in return you will be respected back creating a mutually harmonious relationship.

•Remembering that everyone is skating the best they can, and so are you – this is similar to the point above, but this is more about you than it is about another. It’s a reminder that we can sometimes be frustrated with ourselves when we’re not producing fast enough, but that we are doing the best we can, with the resources we have, and the place we’re in. Remember to love yourself more.

As I left the rink with my kids, I felt like it was indeed a great summer day that was well spent together. Oh, and had I fallen, I would have just picked myself back up, rubbed my behind, smiled, and continued skating. Now what are you going to create or who are you going to be for the remaining of the summer? Choose well.

Author's Bio: 

Jacqueline VanCampen is the author of Letters to My Daughter: A Mother’s Journey of Healing and Transformation and Wise Heart Archetypes: The 7 levels of Awakening the Wisdom Within ebook. She is a Wise Heart Intuitive and transformational coach and messenger, spiritual teacher, and founder of Wise Heart Within, which was born from a deep desire to guide, inspire, and empower women to connect to their heart, where the gems of knowing and wisdom have always been present, but not always accessed. She inspires women to know their truth, connect to their hearts, and manifest their highest potential.