October reminds me of cold breezes, starry nights, and spooky Halloween. It has multiple faces and can mean different things to different people. It is the same month the world is reminded of liver health. The liver, the second largest organ in the body, which is responsible for several vital functions of our body, is the least cared about.

Honestly, Liver care is out of most people's concern. People do not care for their livers as much as they do for their hearts. That's why they needed to be reminded of the liver, its functions, how it is affected and, of course, how to take care of it. So, every year, October is observed as the month for liver awareness.

Why should you care for your liver?

People who indulge in activities that harm their liver put themselves at risk of death. Almost 2 million people die a year worldwide due to liver disease. Also, among all the liver diseases, fatty liver is the most common in the US. Statistics conclude that it affects 80-100 million Americans. Left untreated, it can lead to several other harmful conditions that might take lives. So, this article is about how to protect yourself from fatty liver.

Did you know?

Fatty liver disease occurs due to excessive fat accumulation in the liver cells. Over time these small deposits of fats grow large enough to form cysts. And most of these fatty cells in the liver contaminate other cells to create unhealthy tissues that, in turn, will take over the liver. In future, it will affect one's digestion process and may cause other possible medical issues.

Luckily, it is a condition that is reversible. And here are four simple practices to do it:

>> Stay Lower in Carbs: Reduce your intake of sugary foods and snacks that are high in white flour. Pasta, bread, cereals, potatoes, cakes & cookies are examples of such food.

>> Avoid Consumption of Alcohol: One of the best ways to act on reversing the effects of fatty liver disease is to abstain from consuming alcohol, including wine and beer. Extreme alcohol consumption is the second most common cause of this disease.

>> Consume Vegetable juice: Drink as much vegetable juice as it has the vitamins and minerals necessary to fight fatty liver disease, Whereas fruit juices are high in carbohydrates.

>> Liver Tonic: "A liver tonic made with a combination of Vitamin B’s, antioxidants, St. Mary’s thistle, and amino acids high in sulphur promotes the repair of unhealthy liver cells rather dramatically," says a ThreeBestRated Gastroenterologist from California. Also, the tonic burns excess fat and has excellent detoxification properties.

Not Just in the United States, Fatty liver disease is now the leading liver disorder in UK and Australia. The condition also favours type 2 diabetes, obesity and insulin resistance in the human body. And in the worst cases, it paves the way for cirrhosis. So, it is high time that everyone comes to terms with their liver health and protects it with good care.

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Sara Wilson is the Social media specialist for Three Best Rated. She is also an aspiring writer who likes to think out of the box and inspire people through her writing.