The increase of document and other paper shredding companies in larger metropolitan areas, at one time were located in a permanent location; however, they have incorporated mobile shredding into their services.

A shredding service primarily attracts both small and large businesses that accumulate more waste product during a given period, than is practically disposed of in the traditional manner. Many government facilities contract shredding services to dispose of, at times, documents deemed classified and not available to the public. One agency that requires a shredding service is the IRS; they can produce tons of shredded material daily.

An obvious solution for businesses lacking the means to transport document refuse is the service offered by a mobile shredding outfit. Utilizing medium to large bob-trucks which house the shredding device can manoeuvre safely in crowded office complexes where multiple clients may be located.

The shredding machine itself comes in a variety of sizes and shredding functionality. Larger machines use a type of hammering, while the smaller models pull paper through a row of metal teeth; thereby ripping, or shredding, the paper into strips or pieces. Caution must be observed while operating a shredder, as loose clothing, such as a tie or shirt-sleeve, can be pulled into the cutting area.

Large equipment, such as used by the IRS, packs the waste paper into a bin. When a full capacity is reached, the operator binds the bundle with heavy-gauge wire and is removed by a lift-truck, then carried to a staging area. The bundles are then sold for recycling purposes. In this treatment, carbon paper is sorted from stock paper to prevent the ink content from soiling the desired white product.

Another benefit from using a shredding company is the convenience offered. Most employers do not staff a specific department to handle the removal/disposal of trash. Instead, the office area will have containers used for paper refuse, once filled, a call is placed to the shredding company who then sends a crew to remove and shred their documents.

The recycling advantages are also attractive to small and large businesses. In America alone, 4.5 million tons of paper is thrown away each year, additionally, over half of the paper used in the U.S. is collected and recycled. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), reports that by recycling causes 35% less water pollution, and 74% less air pollution. By shredding and recycling waste paper everyone benefits.

Shredding waste paper, although not a new concept, has made great strides in its application and functionality. Many homes are equipped with small versions of paper shredders for use in their computer room, or for maintaining privacy with their own sensitive documents. The small amounts can be recycled, or for crafts.

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