Have you ever considered what it might mean to you, to be wealthy? Beyond the fantasy of winning the lotto or striking it rich on some far fetched opportunity, have you truly ever pondered the reality of being a wealthy individual? Or has the idea of this remained stuck in some fantasy, never will happen to me box, that's somewhere out of sight on a dusty dank shelf.

If you are an entrepreneur or visionary, if you are a independent contractor, sales person, or in a profession where your bottom line is solely dependent on you showing up, it's about time for you to begin thinking about wealth. Why? Because to the degree you are able to embody your success you will attain it.

When you are ready to give yourself permission to have success and wealth, as determined and defined by you, you will begin to see it surface in and around your life. There are circumstances born of timing and good luck that can bring elements of wealth and success to your table, however, if you don't have the ability to receive these things, they will quickly dissipate and disappear.

What does it mean to be wealthy? It is different for everyone. The most important thing is not what others think about it, but rather what you feel and know to be true to you. When you walk the path of certainty, you will certainly find that which you seek and then some!

Author's Bio: 

Deborah Bishop is an Inner Image Expert, Keynote Speaker, Performer and Visionary. Her "Whole Wealth Breakthrough" program is available on a One-On-One basis and also to groups and businesses. She is a master coach who will guide you through your inner landscape so you can and will achieve and enjoy massive outer success and profits. Contact her directly at livealimitlesslife@gmail.com.