When someone says they're going to hookup in the near future, it means that they are planning on meeting up with someone for the purpose of having sex. It's a casual way to refer to getting laid, but it's also used to describe any interaction with someone you're interested in. For example: "I have plans tonight, but I'm totally gonna hookup with that girls tonight."

Hookup is a slang word

Hookup is a slang word. It’s also a colloquialism that means “to have casual sexual encounters.” The term is often used to describe encounters that are not romantic in nature and may or may not include any emotional connection between the people involved.

There are two ways to use hook up.

Hook up with someone

Hooking up with someone you know can be a great way to start your dating life. You're familiar with each other and there's no anxiety or pressure, just some good old fashioned casual fun. The only problem is that sometimes people get confused about what "hooking up" means. But don't worry—we've got you covered!

Hook up with someone you know

When one person wants something more than the other person does, it creates problems for both parties involved in the relationship. If it doesn't work out and they break up, then everything gets awkward because now there are two hurt feelings instead of just one (or none at all).

It might just be someone you know or it might be a stranger.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the term “hookup”. Many people think that it refers exclusively to casual sex, but that’s not true.

A hookup can refer to either someone you know or someone you don’t know. When you have sex with someone for the first time, that is technically considered a one-night stand by most definitions of the term (though some would argue that there are some exceptions). However, if it happens more than once and goes beyond just sex? That's when things get complicated and confusing!

As mentioned earlier in this article, many people use “hookup” to mean casual sex because they think it sounds better or less slutty than using words like “slutting around” or “sleeping around". Unfortunately for them though, this isn't an accurate definition - at least not anymore since its meaning has evolved over time thanks largely due popular culture influences such as TV shows like Friends where characters said things like "You got lucky last night!" while referring something else entirely!

Hooking up can happen one time for a night of fun or in an ongoing relationship.

Hooking up can happen one time for a night of fun or in an ongoing relationship. It’s hard to define what “hooking up” means because it’s different for everyone. A hookup might be something casual, like two friends who decide to meet up for drinks after work and end up having sex. Or it could be someone who meets someone new on AdultFriendFinder and starts dating them casually before moving on from there. And sometimes people will just casually date other people without being exclusive and not having sex with anyone else until they decide to commit exclusively or break things off with their partner. The point is, there are so many different dynamics that “hooking up” encompasses!

A hook up is an anonymous sexual encounter, its meaning depends on the person's intentions.

Hook up can be defined as a slang word that is used to describe an anonymous sexual encounter. The meaning of the word hook up depends on the person’s intentions. For example, if you are looking to meet someone for a one night stand then it would be considered a hook up and not a date. If you are meeting someone for an ongoing relationship then it would not be considered as a hook up but rather dating or courtship.

Hookups can happen between people who know each other or do not know each other at all. They may start out as just being friends but they still have sex with each other even though they do not plan on having any type of commitment together like getting married or having children together in the future!


Online hookup is a sexual encounter that doesn’t involve a romantic relationship. Hooking up can happen one time for a night of fun or in an ongoing relationship. It might just be someone you know or it might be a stranger. The meaning depends on what the person is looking for and why they are doing it.

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