Food can be many things to many people. Obviously we all need it to survive. But, also obviously, we eat for a lot of different reasons. We eat when we are being social. We eat when we are bored. We eat to stuff our emotions. We eat when we do not know what else to do. I get this wonderful magazine all about healthy eating. When I sit down and read it, I always have munchies with me. If I see food, I want food.
Do you know why you eat? Do you know what your triggers are? Do you eat when you are angry because you were never allowed to express that feeling as a child? Or do you eat when you are fearful because you use food as a nurturing object? Do you eat because you are all alone?
It is important to understand why you eat, what your triggers are. Once you are clear as to what that is all about, then you need to meet those needs head on. Practice expressing your emotions. Reach out to others. Do something to alleviate your boredom. Try being social without dinner being involved; well, at least without dessert being involved! Find healthy ways to nurture yourself.
These new ways of dealing with your issues will not feel, initially, as satisfying as food. It will take practice and consistency but it is possible to deal with these things much more directly. You may need to try a variety of nurturing techniques until you find one or two that begin to satisfy you. Don’t give up!
Now, I am going to read my magazine, but I am putting my munchies away!

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Dr. Michelle enjoys helping people find a healthier path.