As of today, there are over 200 million active websites, and that is quite a number. Getting online is an easy job nowadays anywhere in the world. If you are a resident of Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE, there are web design companies in Dubai that would be of help. In this article, we talk of what are all the points you should considering when you are ready to build a website for your business.

#1: Business Goals
Even if your desire to design a website right away is very strong, you need to be very clear about your business goals first. Thorough clarity is needed about what you want to accomplish through your website.

In case you are planning to provide a service, get clear about your USPs and why others should hire you in place of their favorites. If you are planning to sell products or well-written blogs, the aim is much the same.

Whatever be the size of the goal that you have in mind, all the initial steps are very crucial to help the website function smoothly during its lifetime. This step is nevertheless the first and foremost one and has to be determined early with a lot of clarity.

#2: Domain Name
Seeking help for getting hold of a domain name is the next step that you should take. You can seek help from a website development agency in Dubai with adequate experience and expertise in the field.

Devoting some time and effort to finding a good name does more good for your proposed business than just sounding good. Giving a name that sounds much like your website makes it easy for visitors to spot you when they want to visit your site more than once. Spend some time to spell out an original name so that it is easy to get hold of the .com domain.

#3: Web Hosting
Picking a domain name and buying web hosting can be done together. You can choose a reliable website development company in the UAE to provide you with assistance.

Discuss the different hosting plans that are available, and choose the one that best suits your needs and your budget. If yours is a start-up and may not acquire thousands of followers at once, it is best to go for a shared hosting plan at a limited cost. There are some plans available for only a small monthly amount.

#4: Website Design
An important step in the website development process in the UAE, or anywhere else for that matter is to get a good website design in place. Reach to the most reputed web design companies in Dubai for intuitive website design. They will help to build a website that suits your business needs. It is a good idea not to try DIY skills in case you are having strong business goals with strict timelines.

#5: Content
The next step is to fill the website with high-quality content. The content of a website can make or break a business. Low-quality content can spur visitors to think that you are indifferent to your website and this can discourage them from visiting your website again. Ensure that your website distinctly displays contact information including your email address and telephone number. There are many aspects like this that need to be taken care of.

If you have the goal of selling good quality products/services through your website, then the content better be of good quality too. Many reputed companies involved in website development in Dubai have their in-house content writers too. Or you can hire a qualified writing professional to fill your website with the requisite content. Once again, you better be warned that DIY efforts at this stage may be a total waste of time and money.

#6: Digital Marketing
Marketing your wares through your website is not as easy as one thinks. The first step is that visitors have to find your website. Only then can they shop from it. For improving the reach and visibility of your website, find out more about reputed web design companies in Dubai who would help you in getting your website noticed.

It would be best to discuss with them the digital marketing techniques that would be most suitable for your website. They would be in the know about how to raise awareness about the website and help to increase the traffic to your site. To achieve your business goals, it is imperative that you keep the marketing efforts ongoing with a plan in place so that the intended number of visitors can purchase what you have on offer.

#7: Google analytics
It is important for every website owner to realize that many tools that are required to analyze the performance of a website are fully free. Google Analytics should be set up once the website is ready to launch. Some of the data that you can gather include the number of people that visit your site, the visitors’ demographics, whether they visit the site more than once, and how they found your website.

These figures can provide information as to which of your marketing tactics are working well and which of those are not. You will also be able to distinguish the type of visitor that would opt for email signup and others who would not come back for a second visit. These actions by the visitors would clearly provide an insight into the changes that you have to bring about on your site and the marketing tactics you should apply to reach your business goals.


Creating a website is a daunting process. However, most of the associated work becomes manageable once you select the most suited website development company in the UAE. Other points that are crucial are having a clear plan encompassing all aspects of setting up and running a website. Deciphering which aspect is critical and working to resolve all issues on that front enables to smoothen out every-day working of the website.

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