It is estimated that 10% of office employees work in a sedentary environment which does not provide opportunity to the employees to move around and do exercise. Moreover, it is alarming to take note that 46% of employees also eat poor and high-fat diets while 21% employees also smoke as their means to de-stress themselves. With these unhealthy scenarios at work, it is no longer shocking to hear that more and more employees fall behind their work due to diseases and stress.

The high rate of absentism and presentism in companies is very alarming considering the fact that these cost huge sums of money to be lost by the company daily. Absentism is the state when the employees take a leave due to sudden illness while presentism is the condition when an employee works but does not perform properly due to illness. The thing here is that all companies rely on the health of their workers so that they can become productive.

Money is no longer an important factor to attract employees to work hard and thus a lot of companies end up establishing their own corporate health and wellness programs in order to answer their needs to become efficient. In fact, this program is beneficial to both the company and its employees in attracting and retaining efficient staffs. By having a sound corporate health and wellness program, the employees can be satisfied with their work knowing that the company is concerned about their welfare.

The corporate health and wellness program is a holistic solution to the increasing problem of absentism. This program does not only involve giving great health service to the employees. It also ensures that the workers are provided with a good working environment so that they can be efficient.

When it comes to providing good programs, the company should invest in equipments that will reduce the risk of their employees from getting injured. This means that the office equipments like their computer keyboards and even chairs should be ergonomic to prevent neck and back aches. Moreover, installing resting lounges and mini gym in the premises also helps.

Establishing a good corporate health and wellness program will not only give your employees benefits but also the company. If you reduce the risks that may cause your employees to get sick, then you will be able to increase your productivity. This will also affect the efficiency of your company in generating revenues.

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