For people who are not familiar with vaping culture, it is quite difficult to understand what a vape consists of, the structure of this device and how it works. It is unclear how an electronic cigarette can replace a tobacco product.

Knowing the design features of the device will help avoid possible problems during use, simplify maintenance and extend the life of your vape.

Let's analyze the main structural elements of an electronic cigarette:

Power source (battery) - located at the bottom of the structure. Batteries are built-in and removable. Removable are convenient for the ability to install a more capacious battery for an electronic cigarette.

An atomizer is the part of an e-cigarette that generates steam. A heating element (coil) converts the vaping liquid into fragrant vapor. Atomizers come in different sizes, with different tank capacities, and fall into several categories: clearomizers, atomizers, and drips. You can read about their differences from each other here .

The most popular electronic cigarettes are "Board". The so-called electronics, where the supply of current to the spiral is controlled by the chip. Let's list the main advantages of "Boards":

The board allows you to control the modes of operation of the vape and monitors the battery level. It also allows the user to change / add / update additional settings that change the amount of steam and the quality of the tightening.

If there is no display, the chip signals the battery charge level and system stability using LED backlighting. This is perfectly implemented in the Eleaf iJust 21700 . The glow around the key indicates the charge level. You can find all this vape accessories at the our Vapour Store.

LED display, displays important operating parameters. Thanks to the display, the user gets access to a wide range of vape device adjustments: setting the heating rate, current power and many detailed settings.

A sensor that reacts to the flow of air and automatically activates the device after the first puff. They are called "Automaton". This allows steam to be produced without pressing a key while puffing.

How does an electronic cigarette work?

Having figured out what parts a vape consists of, we can understand how it works. It's pretty simple:

After activating the vape - by pressing the power key, the current is supplied to the spiral. The spiral heats the wick with liquid. When heated, the slurry turns into a flavoring vapor.

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