In order to understand the concept of tantric sex and tantric relationships, it must firstly be mentioned that the Sanskrit word of “Tantric” means “together” or “brought together as one”. In other words, this involves a union, a spiritual linkage with your significant other that will take you to a whole new level. This connection takes place at both a spiritual and a physical level and it must be said that generally speaking, tantric intercourse does not involve sexual or orgasmic intercourse – nonetheless, sometimes couples can enjoy tantric sex as well where the partners simply unite and they enjoy a profound feeling of love and pleasure. At the same time, it is important to mention that tantric sex is more about the spiritual connection between the two, rather than the carnal pleasure – the purpose of this type of intercourse is to create a strong and long-lasting emotional and spiritual bond that will joint the couple as one. It should be noted that believe it or not many swinger couples practice tantra quite often, more-so than monogamous couples.

What Is A Tantric Relationship And How Can It Help You?

A tantric relationship is more than just a relationship – it is often described as a Divine and spiritual connection between two people who share not only the same bed, but also the same feelings and the same energy, thus merging into one spiritual being. Starting a tantric relationship or switching from a rather sexual relationship to a tantric one can turn out to be very challenging, but once you manage to achieve it, you will fully enjoy its benefits. It will help you balance your energy with your other half.

Basically, this notion refers to combining the masculine energy with the feminine one – everything comes down to the divine couple of Shiva and Shakti, two sacred Indian entities that are present in many ancient myths and who represent the supreme union between two people. The tantric relationship is more of a spiritual connection whose ultimate purpose is to help the couple achieve enlightenment and spiritual attainment.

If practiced correctly, this type of relationship can “unlock the doors” to new experiences and teachings and it will help you understand more about the pleasure of life, both literally and figuratively. It is all about waking up the dormant energy that has been waiting deep inside you and sharing it with your significant other. There is no “I” in a tantric relationship, as these connections are anything but selfish: when you enter such a relationship, you become more conscious of the world that surrounds you and you are more likely to enjoy a blossoming, long-lasting and mutually beneficial connection with the other one.

A Closer Look At Tantric Sex

Tantric sex is slow and pleasant and it puts a lot of emphasis on foreplay as well as on gentle moves and on caressing your significant other. This is a combination of gentle tantric movements and breathing exercises that will help you relax, let off all the steam and stress that has built up inside you and simply connect with your one true love.
The foreplay is undoubtedly the most important part when it comes to tantric sex but, when taking things to the next level, it is important to start with slow intercourse and to caress and kiss the other one on a constant basis – not only will this make the intercourse a lot more enjoyable and more passionate, but it can also delay the onset of the orgasm and intensify it as well. One thing is for sure, though: the orgasm represents the climax of the entire intercourse, it is the “tip of the iceberg” and when you reach it, it means that you, as two different people, have finally managed to merge into one single soul. One soul in two separate bodies!


The bottom line is that tantric sex and relationships alike can help you reconnect with the one dear to your heart. Tantric sex can help you rediscover lost pleasures and even overcome certain obstacles that are common and natural in a relationship – the older the relationship, the more likely you are to encounter sexual and emotional barriers. Tantric intercourse often happens to be the answer tou are looking for, it will help you understand and enjoy the pleasure of slow, deep, profound and passionate intercourse, it will help you rediscover the pleasure and joy of making love, not just sex. If you are a swinger couple or monogamous couple there is no better time to get involved with some mental, physical and spiritual sex.

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