What do you truly desire?

I asked a client this question, recently. The answer was "Freedom."

Interestingly, like many, this client was feeling constrained by obligations to his family and conflicted about how to achieve his goals in life.

His question, "How can I do both?

To experience financial freedom or freedom to go and do what you want, when you want, happens naturally when you feel freedom within, regardless of your responsibilities, as you do the footwork to create what you want.

A feeling of inner freedom is a quality of cooperation with your Higher Self (a Power greater than your ego by whatever name you call it) and a knowing that your work, and relationships, are the means by which you discover and express your Higher Self.

Everything you do is enabling you to fulfill this Purpose. Whether you desire to start your own business, to focus your career in a field that you believe in or to be in service after retirement, this context is essential to feeling the freedom and fulfillment you desire.

Living to fulfill your Purpose (Freedom is one example) drives your Mission.

I climbed corporate ladders over a 20 year banking career, thinking my mission was to be a bank president. When downsizing gave me the option to leave the industry, I made the courageous decision to leave it, because my achievements were not feeding me. Continuing in an unfulfilling job, in order to sustain a dream I had adopted from others, was the path of my ego. My Higher Self knew the work I was to do and how to create it. Clarity and courage to go a new way arose as I meditated and explored different options. Living in gratitude, doing what I desire everday is my result. I want that for you too.

Meditation, contemplation and introspection are tools for developing brain neural fields that optimize your connection with your Higher Self. Daily life, bookmarked with these activities, becomes an adventure in discovering how to extend the Love, that you awaken, in all that you do.

Your desire to create is an expression of your Higher Self. What you create is your choice.

You are free to choose in every moment:

Regularly, throughout the day, put your hand on your heart and ask, "What do I truly want?"

If the answer is to hug your child a second time before you leave for the day, do it. If it is to make a phone call, do it. As you learn to follow your heart's desire, you will be led to the work that you love and many more ways to extend your gifts.

Goals and Action steps are the footwork.

Planning and doing research for a few minutes regularly telegraphs your intention to be in a work that is your joy.

Judging that you are "never going to get what you want", "things are taking too long" or "you don't have time", are variations on a theme your ego runs to keep you suffering. Your ego motivates with 'shoulds' and 'have tos.' Your Higher Self is always patient, clear, kind and loving.

Remember, there is always a choice, tough as it may be. If you choose to accept circumstances that you would rather change, find ways to extend gratitude for the time you are there. When you master gratitude, doors will open for you to move on or you might find you really wanted to be in your present workplace after all.

Gratitude is how you shift into your Higher Self. Listen to that voice when you contemplate what you want. Then, let it guide your next steps.

Author's Bio: 

Jo Anna Shaw is a people development expert and mind-body coach with a 20 year banking career prior to 20+ years as a mind-body coach. She helps individuals and organizations implement self-directed systems that empower personal, team and organizational bests. www.joannashaw.net.