When it comes to the qualifications of traffic controller security guards, there really are no set qualifications needed to become a traffic safety and control officer. However, you can still get useful skills by completing a college course, on-the-job training, or an apprenticeship.

Explore these routes to find out the right one for you. Even when some of these options have certain qualification requirements, employees are still more interested in people who are willing to learn, can follow instructions, and are enthusiastic.

As a traffic controller security guard, you will be responsible for ensuring the safe and smooth movement of traffic around road incidents, large events, planned roadworks, and construction projects. Their role can include the following:

•Make important decisions on the design of the layout and traffic system management
•Predict traffic flow and potential issues on planned routes
•Handle incidents like road traffic collisions and arrange the swift removal of debris and other risks
•Provide a visible presence at road traffic incidents
•Maintain smooth traffic flow without compromising public safety
•Compile accurate reports
•Undertake continuous improvement by monitoring user experiences and accordingly making changes
•Plan the quickest, safest, and most efficient routes.

Here are some other things you need to know about traffic controller security guards.

College and Training Provider

You can attend a training provider or specialist college and start by studying civil engineering to help you become a traffic safety and control officer. Once you are qualified, you can specialize in traffic safety and control so you can move into this area.


You can train as a civil engineer apprentice to help you on your journey to be a traffic controller security. Consequently, you can complete a town planning apprenticeship with a local authority before moving on to traffic management.


If you already have basic experience, you can directly apply to a construction company to get onsite training and experience as security guards in Melbourne. You can start as an assistant to someone who is more experienced in traffic safety and control. You can progress from here as your skills improve.

Work Experience

Work experience is crucial to gaining employment in the construction industry. You can get this at school or by working during holidays and weekends with a known company or even a relative working as a traffic controller security guard. Any potential employer will be pleased to see work experience listed on your CV.


Additional skills can benefit anyone considering a Traffic Controller job in Melbourne. These skills can include knowledge of transport methods, benefits, and costs; excellent verbal communication skills; ability to problem solve and think analytically; flexibility, good attention to detail; and ability to use judgment and make decisions.

The expected salary of a traffic controller security guard varies as you become more experienced with the job. The hours and salary will depend on the employer, location, and any overtime that you may do. It helps to expand your skills and knowledge as much as you can, so you can enjoy a higher position and a higher salary rate.

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