If you are building a new home, you need to get a Building Sustainability Index, BASIX certificate from the authority before you start the development application. It is a mandatory measure for all new residential dwellings and homes. It is a sustainable, water saver and energy-efficient measure that is strictly implemented across New South Wales and you cannot build a new home without getting this certificate.

In addition to that, this BASIX report is also needed when you are making any additions to your home worth $50,000 or more or you are adding a pool, sauna or spa room with more than 40,000 litres of water.

Let's discuss everything that you need to know about the BASIX certificate and measures.

Current data and information

As per the current data available in the public forum, after the inception of New South Wales' sustainability tool has certified more than 460,000 BASIX compliant homes and this is a big number.

Whether you are building a single home on one lot bungalow, a part of a semi-detached house, a cottage, a granny flat, multi-dwellings such as row house, terrace houses or residential flat buildings or apartments, you need to obtain a BASIX report , as per the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment. In addition to that, if you are making any renovations in your home or adding pools or saunas, you need to obtain a BASIX certificate.

Why a BASIX certificate is asked?

As per the data by NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, when it comes to energy and water savings, it is believed that BASIX can reduce water and greenhouse gas emission by 40% and 60% respectively. It is believed that the average water consumption saving per person reaches to 90,340 litres and the average maximum carbon dioxide annual consumption reaches to 3,292 kg.

The water levels of Sydney is decreasing continuously and this is a concrete step to save energy and water consumption. So far, BASIX certified homes have saved over 8.8 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions and 281 billion litres of water.

How to obtain a BASIX certificate?

First of all, you need to review the BASIX checklist template for single or multiple dwellings, whichever applies to you. The best way to obtain a BASIX report is to hire experienced BASIX certificate professionals who will help you out during the process. These professionals are well-versed with the BASIX certificate obtaining process and will assist you at every step of the process. They will leave no stones unturned to offer you a seamless experience and will ensure that you get the BASIX certificate in just no time and without any legal or other hurdles and hindrances.


If you are planning to start your residence building construction, it is advised to hire a professional who can help you in acquiring a BASIX certificate. Though the process is simple, it is recommended that you get the professional help from an expert to make it smooth and streamlined.

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