If you have a new home with a larger lawn or are just purchasing a home complete with a yard for the first time, you might just feel a bit overwhelmed with the idea of managing your yard without hiring a residential lawn care service. However, before you go out and hire just anyone to maintain your property, you might want to consider a few things first.

Keeping it Groomed

This is the thing that most people think about first, when considering what they will need to manage a lawn. The lawn mower and the weed whacker are probably the very first things that you will want to invest in. A lawn mower can simply be a man-powered push mower, a self-propelled walk-behind, or a riding mower. The one that you choose will likely depend on the size and slope of your lawn, as well as your physical ability.

Generally speaking, the less you spend, the more work you will do each time you mow. Weed whackers make it easier to keep the edges neat where lawns meet driveways, sidewalks, fences, trees and other things that are difficult to get close to with a mower.

As far as pest control, it is important to avoid having areas of unattended tall grass, as this is where many pests will hide out. The closer to the house it is, the more likely it is that those pests will find their way into your home. Similarly, avoid placing stacks of wood or other piles of debris near the house, as these can be invitations for unwanted visitors as well.

Your lawn care service experts can give you more tips for your everyday maintenance.

Keeping it Green

While cutting the grass regularly is a good first step, it is not all that is needed to have a good looking yard. All living things need food and water to grow properly. A lawn is no exception. During periods of little rain, this might mean implementing sprinklers to keep it moist and healthy. Similarly, it is a good idea to give the grass ‘food’ (fertilizer) a few times per year. Most residential lawn care programs include fertilizing as part of the program.

Keeping it Pest Free

Finally, when the grass is green and groomed, there is one last thing to think about. Where there is grass and shrubbery, there are likely pests. Insects, rodents, reptiles, and even small mammals can wreak havoc on your yard and your home if not dealt with properly. While there are several DIY measures you can try for pest control, it might be easier to look for a lawn care service that also offers pest control services.

Slug-A-Bug, is a Brevard County Lawn Care and Pest Control service that can be called in for preventative measures to defend against pest invasions as well as take care for your lawn. Slug-A-Bug also offers of several different green pest control services. For lawn care and pest protection, a residential lawn care services is well worth the price.

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