Working out of Long Island, Dave Mejias is a family law attorney with Mejias, Milgrim & Alvarado, where he is also a managing partner. Serving as an attorney with the firm for the past 18 years, Dave has established himself as a talented attorney with a passion for helping families achieve equitable solutions to their most stressful problems. Through his emphasis on family law, Dave Mejias works with mothers and children to ensure custody agreements and child support arrangements are enacted and followed through as efficiently as possible.

Mr. Mejias recognizes the strain divorces and custody cases can put on everyone in the family and he works diligently to avoid adding further complications unnecessarily. As a family law professional, Dave also has experience in overturning post nuptial and pre-nuptial agreements, which can often be vital in achieving a fair divorce settlement for his clients.

The dedication with which Dave Mejias approaches his duties hasn’t gone unnoticed by his community. Satisfied clients talk and share their positive experiences, so it’s no wonder Dave has been recognized by organizations throughout his community. His efforts in serving as an advocate for domestic violence survivors has brought recognition and appreciation from the Coalition of Domestic Violence.

As the first Latino elected to the Nassau County Legislature, Dave Mejias brought his passion for the law to state government. While in office from 2004 through 2010, Mr. Mejias helped to enact Megan’s Notification Law in New York State and drafted stricter revisions for sex offender residency laws. Some provisions the family law professional added to sex offender laws have enabled law enforcement to add monitoring devices to the personal computers of sex offenders, ensuring they aren’t viewing inappropriate material. Dave was also instrumental in getting Natalie’s Law passed, which creates greater public awareness about heroine usage in New York communities.

Dave’s latest endeavors have him using the law to fight for the LGBT community. As a lifelong supporter of equality for all, Dave Mejias wasted no time in jumping in to stand up for the right of transgenders to use the bathroom of their preferred gender. While others cling to the idea that an individual should use the gender with which they’re identified on their birth certificates, Mr. Mejias recognized a very practical problem to this determination. In reality, male to female transgenders will appear as female to the average onlooker, so sending that individual into the men’s restroom could create a bigger public crisis.

This stance and Dave’s commitment to the LGBT community as a whole earned the respect and gratitude of the LGBT Network in New York State. This was an opportunity for members of the LGBT community to personally thank Dave for his continued advocacy for equal rights and fairer legislation.

Whether he’s standing up for clients in a courtroom or advocating for victims of domestic abuse and LGBT rights, Mr. Mejias proves he’s a man of conviction. He stands by his beliefs and by the people who depend on him, proving himself to be an outstanding member of his community.

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The Long Island Law firm of Mejias Milgrim & Alvarado stands ready to meet all of your family law needs. David Mejias welcomes the opportunity to speak with you about the firm's unique approach.