We've been experimenting on LinkedIn recently, which has had some great results for our clients. We thought we'd share a couple of new techniques you might like to try.
1. The case study technique

With this technique, you would find your target connections and send them an initial connection. Once they've accepted, send them a PDF case study through LinkedIn so they can see examples of your work. Your message with the attachment should tell them you've worked with similar companies and suggest a call with them to discuss this further.

We've seen this message work very well, especially for more visual companies and if you're trying to reach larger organisations.

2. LinkedIn nurturing campaign

This technique uses multiple messages to nurture your contacts over 4–5 months. You give them examples of your work, give them access to a blog post you've written, endorse them on LinkedIn and tell them how great it is to be connected to them.

Finally you move in for the kill and invite them to have a conversation with you. While a little slower, this technique can work extremely well to build a relationship with your prospects.

3. Profile views

How often do we go back to people who have viewed our profiles on LinkedIn and start building a relationship with them?

If you do, is your message any more than a simple 'is there anything I can help you with?'

Instead, why not send them a simple message saying you've noticed they've viewed your profile recently and it would be great to have a chat as you've not spoken before.

The more informal and casual you can be with these messages, the better and the more likely you are to get results.

We've also been getting some great results with content marketing on LinkedIn too, posting out blogs into the groups and on LinkedIn Pulse.

If you'd like to know how we can get you more leads using LinkedIn, why not book in a call with one of the team? Alternatively please call us on 01386 298 042.

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