It is the dreaded and uninspiring WALL that is ready to take you down! I am speaking from experience.

When I used to train for and run in 26.2-mile marathons, I knew when that dreaded wall of total utter fatigue was coming my way. It always showed up when I was pushing myself past some physical, emotional, and even spiritual comfort zone. I remember thinking to myself “how the heck am I going to continue?” Then suddenly I would blow past that wall and find a new level of inspiration and motivation. Before I knew it, I would sail through the final miles with total ease.

Marathoning taught me something truly powerful about myself. I had way more determination and commitment to achieving something than I every thought possible. I realized if I could complete a 26.2-mile marathon, I could do anything! So much so that I completed a total of 6 marathons. Each time I hit the wall and each time I broke through it and reached a new level of confidence.

So what does this have to do with public speaking? When you repeatedly step into the Public Speaking Spotlight, you may encounter the WALL.

This is what I call the dreaded Presentation Creation Wall.

You have this great idea for your next presentation. It feels truly wonderful and divinely inspired. You sit down to start creating your content and then nothing…nada… you can’t seem to write a thing. Thirty minutes have passed and it is clear that you feel totally and utterly stuck.

You are feeling tremendous pressure because you have an important presentation coming up. The pressure is on and you are feeling incredibly challenged. You can’t seem to write a darn thing. You have tried numerous times and it just isn’t happening.

Here are 4 Quick Expert Strategies for Creating Simple Presentation Content

1. Create a template outline for every presentation that you do. Having a consistent format for every presentation makes the creative process flow easier because you are no longer wondering where you are going to put each presentation element. For example, I always start every presentation with a powerful opening that grabs their attention. In my presentation template I include the exact number of key points I can cover in the time frame given. When you have a system, it makes it Simple and Easy.

2. Keep a presentation idea journal. I am always surprised when presentation ideas come to me, especially when I am driving. Since I can’t always write them down, I use the next best thing, my car’s hands free calling. I call my office and leave myself a voice mail message, which I can access as soon as I am back in the office. Then when I am ready to write, I have all the inspired ideas on my desk ready to be incorporated into my presentation.

3. Listen to what your clients and audiences are struggling with. They are a wealth of information and will always tell you what they need. Keep a list of the special requests they have made so that you can find unique ways of incorporating some of them into your next presentation. You will have a wealth of juicy content that your audience will love because they asked for it.

4. Put YOU into your presentation. If you are feeling disconnected from your presentation and/or your audience, something is missing and it is usually “YOU.” You may be physically presenting, however you are not emotionally presenting, and the audience can tell this. Find a way of incorporating something that is uniquely you into your presentation content. It can be as simple as a fun phrase, a unique prop or a personal story that is related to the presentation topic.

My challenge for you this week is to start writing down all the presentation ideas that have come to you and incorporate some of them into your next presentation. They came to you for a unique and profound reason, so it is time to honor those wonderful expected and unexpected presentation gifts.

Author's Bio: 

AmondaRose Igoe specializes in helping business owners, coaches, authors, healers, leaders and entrepreneurs master and utilize the power of public speaking to grow their business quickly and help more people now.

AmondaRose is the author of "Pain-Free Public Speaking", a contributing author in the number #1 Best Selling book series "Chicken Soup for the Soul" and was a Featured Expert on the FOX 4 Television Station.