Parenting is a hard job and there is never “one fits all” manual. Just like people are different, children are too and they have different personalities. Even identical twins can have varying personalities. This just goes to show that when you have children, each will be different and each has to be dealt with differently. A father plays an important role in a child’s life and it often reflects how the father is in their life. It is equally important and hard to raise strong and happy children. You need to be a parent and a friend and sometimes the lines can get blurred. It is difficult to maintain both roles at times, but a good father with happy children will maintain these roles. Happy children often have the following qualities in a dad.

Trustworthy–A happy and well-loved child will believe that his or her father is always right. He will never betray them or leave them in the lurch. A good father will build trust in his children and never break it. He will always be there for his child, whenever they seek help or need them.

Protective– A good father is protective towards his children and young children need it. They don’t understand how the world works and not everyone is good, so a protective father will always look out for his child. This will prevent any untoward incident from happening. He will consider their best interests and set clear boundaries while talking to them about things they should know about. He will help in developing a good character of his child.

Affectionate– Fathers also need to be affectionate towards their children so they trust him and feel comfortable approaching him. A father who is always stern will have children who are closed off and only answering to him due to discipline. He may not always kiss and hug his child, but he needs to find other ways of showing affection like letting them know that they can count on him.

Patient and encouraging– Patience is the key to good parenting and this what a dad blog will tell you too. Kids have a gazillion questions as they grow up and will want to do or try new things; parents need to be patient through this phase and laugh it off. A good father will listen to his kid and try to see things from their perspective. He will be a source of encouragement and will boost his/her confidence. He will have encouraging words for them and be present for important events in their life.

Provider– This is the most important role a father plays – of a provider. A child is small and not capable of doing things like earning money on his own. At this delicate time, a father has to be a provider. He needs to manage a house, education and a decent life for the child.

Teacher– Not a teacher in the classroom, but a father is a teacher for life. A child will follow and copy a father’s actions and deeds so they need to set a good example. They can use their energy for good and create happy and good citizens.

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