Are you interested in storing wine bottles at home? It is a fabulous idea. It enables you to get your favourite wines depending on your needs. Whether you prefer enjoying a glass of wine with every meal or you want to spend quality time with family, a wine cellar gives you freedom. In this context, you must opt for wine room construction and get a top-notch cellar.

For storing wine bottles at home, many people prefer the kitchen refrigerator. No doubt, it is a good option where there is urgency. Suppose you left with a couple of wine bottles after having a home party, you can keep them in the refrigerator for at most 48 hours. However, it is not a permanent solution for storing your favourite drinks at home.

When you desire for keeping wine bottles on a long-term basis, the best option is wine cellar construction. It is a dedicated storage unit. Earlier, it was a popular choice of business owners but things had been changed. Nowadays, most wine enthusiasts prefer designing a cellar at home. Upon building a storage unit in the property, you can keep all your favourite bottles.

Did you know? A wine cellar unit also enables you to keep a stock of bottles for wine aging. It may take at least a year to get the desired result. That’s why wine cellars are considered as a permanent solution. If you are ready to get it, you must know the design option available.

What Are the Design Options for Wine Cellars?

Out of several types of designs, you can find a few popular options that include-

1. Contemporary Cellar

For modern homes, designing a contemporary cellar is the best option. It looks elegant, stylish, and perfect for highlighting your style.

2. Classic Cellar

When you need a traditional design, you can ask for designing a classic cellar. Once built, it gives the storage unit a vintage look.

3. Spiral Cellar

Are you running short on space in the property? If you are deliberately looking for a cellar, you can ask the contractor to design a spiral unit.

4. Bespoke Cellar

Many individuals customise their choices to get one of the best wine storage solutions. Here you can build a bespoke cellar by sharing your specific requirements.

Some Important Tips for Designing the Cellar

• Determine the Size of the Storage Space

For designing the right cellar, you must choose the size such that you could store your desired quantity of bottles without having a second thought. The best thing is that you can build a cellar for storing at least 100 bottles to 500 bottles and above.

• Pick a Specified Location of the Cellar

In most cases, the size of the storage unit specifies the location. For building small cellars, you can design the unit in the kitchen cabinet or you can also build it under the stairs. For large cellars, the best location is the basement or the storeroom.

• Install a Temperature-Controlled Unit

It is important to maintain a cool environment inside the cellar. By installing a cooling unit, you can maintain an accurate temperature level. It is necessary for keeping wines in good condition. For large cellars, there is also a need for installing a humidifier.

Can a Wine Storage Unit Solve Your Problem?

Of course! Once you built a cellar, you can store the desired count of wine bottles in the property. Suppose you want to enjoy your drink at home, you can now have complete freedom. It also enables you to invite your family and friends for a quick party. To make things effective, you can ask the contractor to build an attached dining space.

Considering the placement of bottles inside the cellar, you must organise them properly to avoid wine spoilage. The best method to keep them in good condition is by organising bottles side-by-side. Or else, it may lead to dry the cork. It is advised to avoid overstoring.

Final Thoughts

After doing with wine room construction, you should keep a good inventory. Buy your favourite drinks and arrange the bottles on the cellar racks. Depending on the size of the cellar, you can store used bottles and unused bottles separately. It is going to highlight your style.

Many people know that drinking wine has health benefits. When the aim is to enjoy your favourite drinks for a long period, you must consume a moderate amount of wine. It helps prevent vision loss and improves heart health as well. In case individuals won’t drink wines moderately, it could lead to a serious impact on health. So, make a wise decision.

Author's Bio: 

Neil Smallman is a well-known designer. He has a whopping 18+ years of experience in designing architectural structures. When he isn’t in business, he writes informative blogs on various topics including the need for wine room construction and types of wine storage solutions.