Most door knobs in our modern homes are part of a system called a "lock". These systems allow you to open and close a door or window. Door locks are often connected to a central control hub that runs the electrical system and gives you access into and out of your home like entering and exiting a convenience store.

What is the best door knob brand?

I would definitely recommend using a door knob from a trusted brand. The best thing about a knob that is from one of the names above is that it will have a few years of proven reliability and experience. If you do happen to get a cheap one that comes with a rubber grip, just let that go. The best door knobs should be manufactured from the highest quality materials and you shouldn't find a cheap knob to have a low tolerance to wear or failure. It takes time and effort to make a quality door knob.

Is Schlage better than Kwikset?

Both have their good points and they are both great brands. I'd say that it's a judgment call. If you can afford a lock that's durable, but light, then go with the Schlage. For a more affordable option, check out Kwikset. You're not going to get a lock that's as sturdy as one from Schlage, but if you have an emergency where you need something quick and cheap, then there would be no better choice than Kwikset. However, if you are just about out that money and you need a reliable, light, strong, and cheap lock, then the Schlage is a great choice.

How do I choose the right door knob?

Many people don't know the answer, or they just don't know what their home would look like without them. However, if you are like most others, you don't know how to handle door knobs. You have to use your senses and your eyes.

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