There are several factors that are likely to determine the expense you incur in getting a mole removal procedure carried out (within a medical clinic). Because of these intervening factors, people end up paying different amounts depending on the clinic or the medical facility where the mole removal procedure was conducted. It is also on account of these factors that you, as an individual, may end up paying vastly different sums of money if you have to get skin mole removal done at different points in time. That could still happen despite the fact that you had the same procedures done at the same clinic and by the same doctor. Health care expenses and costs may run high but, if it were up to many people, it would not matter much since health is not something you should pinch pennies for. But also have to appreciate that there are many people who don't have health insurance of any type, and who therefore find themselves having to pay for health care with their own (directly out of pocket) funds. To those folks, the cost of getting the various medical procedures they need to carry out will always be an issue: hence the need for this sort of discussion.

The costs of the medical procedure would naturally be influenced by the profile of the person or the professional who will be assigned the task of performing the procedure on you. Let us say you have the option of choosing between a dermatologist and a general medical practitioner to perform the procedure on you. Keep in mind that the dermatologist is a skin specialist. Therefore, he or she is most likely to charge a higher fee for his or her services than the general medical practitioner. It may become necessary for the mole to be removed by a dermatologist if its structure is such that a general medical practitioner feels that he or she doesn't have the expertise to remove it. If the skin moles are found to be malignant, you cannot have just any other medical practitioner remove them. An oncologist would be your best bet for this is their area of expertise. Compared to the general medical practitioners, special consultants charge higher for their services. Thus, if you use them instead of the general medical practitioners, expect to spend more.

Even the profile of the specific medical facility or clinic would have an impact on the cost that will be incurred by the person who will go there to have their moles removed. If you make comparisons of the cost that you will incur in having your moles removed in a government-subsidized medical facility and a privately-owned or commercial medical facility or clinic, you will find that the latter will be charging you a lot more than the former.

And then there is the mole condition and the type of procedure that will be performed to get rid of them. Expect the overall cost to be affected by the type of the mole, the risks involved, and the exact sort of treatment. You may have chosen a mole removal procedure that is more time-consuming than other procedures or treatments. You will also find other procedures that are more straightforward. Depending on the doctor's evaluation of your mole condition, you will be given a suggestion as to which procedure you should undergo. If the diagnosis show that you have to choose more complicated mole removal procedures, expect the costs to go up.

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