Epididymitis is a common infectious disease of the reproductive system, and it is also the most common disease in men with low immunity and no attention to health. Once epididymitis occurs, it will cause local pain, swelling, fever, and other symptoms. Untimely treatment can also cause many complications, which will harm men's physical and mental health.

So, what are the common complications of epididymitis? Here are six complications caused by epididymitis.

1. Harm reproductive function: epididymitis will affect the sexual function of patients, leading to decreased sexual desire and decreased sexual function. Some patients even completely lose their sexual function, manifested as impotence and premature ejaculation, so they can't send male sperm to women's bodies, so they can't get pregnant successfully.

And after epididymitis, men will appear dead sperm, no sperm, and other problems, harm fertility. And when having sex, they may also transmit inflammatory bacteria to their spouses, leading to gynecological infectious diseases.

2. Seminal vesiculitis: the male reproductive organs are connected, so patients without timely treatment can cause seminal vesiculitis. And seminal vesicle inflammation also has a significant impact on fertility.

3. High incidence of chronic prostatitis: epididymitis without timely treatment is very easy to cause chronic prostatitis, which increases the difficulty coefficient of treatment. And it will continue to endanger male normal daily life and work due to a variety of discomforts.

4. Cause more severe disease: serious condition can also be high concurrent urinary tract infection, gonorrhea, varicose veins, and chronic nephritis, which can bring more severe harm to the patient's physical and mental health.

5. Kidney deficiency due to sperm damage: if a man has epididymitis and can not be cured for a long time, his body will become weaker and weaker, and even cause kidney deficiency due to sperm damage, resulting in cold limbs, backache, emaciation, accelerated aging and other symptoms.

6. Endocrine disorders: the occurrence of epididymitis in patients without timely treatment will also affect the endocrine level, leading to the reduction of endocrine level, resulting in the decline of the patient's physical fitness at the same time.

Epididymitis has many complications. Once epididymitis occurs, we must go to the hospital as soon as possible for systematic examination and active treatment. Epididymitis is mainly treated with sensitive antibiotics. Remember to finish the whole course to prevent it from becoming chronic. If it turns into chronic epididymitis, it needs active herbal treatment, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

Simultaneously, men should pay attention to the health care measures to speed up the recovery. So, how should they do daily care?

1. Don't have excessive sex

Moderate sex life can bring people happy mood and experience, which is good for health and health. But long-term congestion of reproductive organs will cause the decline of sexual function and easily cause prostatitis, prostatic hypertrophy, impotence, premature ejaculation, and painful ejaculation.

Also, remember to wear a condom during sex to avoid cross-infection.

2. Avoid wearing jeans every day

Men's reproductive system requires low temperature. Wearing jeans will make local temperature too high, so sperm formation is not conducive, so it is not suitable to wear jeans, especially in summer and humid climates.

3. Pay attention to the health of sexual and reproductive organs

Men should pay attention, especially men with long prepuce, to often remove prepuce dirt because prepuce dirt is easy to cause penile cancer and easy to drive his wife suffering from cervical cancer.

4. Always check yourself

Medical research has proved that the early detection and treatment of testicular cancer and penile cancer is very effective. Once it develops to the late stage, the curative effect is not ideal. Therefore, men over 35 may as well often check their external reproductive organs.

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