Any Commercial printer may skip a few things on your meeting either because they simply forgot or they think it is not really important to discuss it. Commercial printing needs you to understand the basics and the process. Know what you need to know.

You can cut costs by doing the design yourself. It may be hard for some people who are more likely to count numbers than paint a picture but if you need to save a few dollars, you need to do it on your own.

Many if not all of the design programs use RGB color model to create the representation in your computer screen which is not entirely the same colors you will see on your prints. Printers use the CMYK colors or the Panatone. Make sure you ask your printers tell you what color model to use before finalizing your design. To ease your worry before they print the whole lot, request (if they have not given it to you yet) for the proof to check if the colors you designed and wanted are the same colors that will be printed.

It is also important to carefully consider how many colors you will be using. The more colors you choose the higher the price. Price differs greatly if you just pick black instead of using black and gray.

Paper Choice
Not all papers are created equal. When you put a single sheet of paper up, you will see how light passes through it that is opacity. The higher the opacity the better for your paper. Depending on the inks used, it is also important to pick a paper that is not too absorbent because the ink will spread and you just might not get the exact design you made. While you pick out high grade papers it is also important to know that you will also get your price quote a little higher than expected. If savings is more important for you get papers that have a lower substance.

Print dimensions
How big do you need your prints to be? It is important to know that all big prints are more costly than regular sized ones like A4. This is obviously because of the amount of ink that will be used for it. To add more to the costs, you can custom you print size or shape.

Print volume
If you think more is more then you are in for a surprise. In commercial printing, more prints means less costs per page which ultimately means more saving on both money and time. If you need several print types put them all together and request for a package. Remember the more prints the easier for your pocket.

Turnaround time
Having a printer who can hardly meet their deadlines is a pain. In every printing job, an agreement on the printing results is set and the printers should be honest enough to let their clients know that they can only finish the prints in this certain time before the agreement has been finalized. They cannot promise to give the prints if they cannot meet the deadline. Some printers have a guarantee on this and give you discounts or freebies for late prints. Should you find a printer that does not give a guarantee, you may need to question their ability to finish on the scheduled printing time.

Commercial printing needs a little understanding, requires a little bit of work and demands a lot of researching – researching for the best and most reliable commercial printer. Find the right printer and you get the right print results.

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