Alzheimer’s disease affects the brain of a person. It incapacitates a person and makes them totally dependent gradually. The cerebral cortex reduces in size. The cerebral cortex is the external covering of the brain and it is responsible for scholarly performance. The brain undergoes many changes that affect its functioning.
What changes in the brain occur in people with Alzheimer’s disease?
People with Alzheimer’s disease are often admitted to senior care or elder care institutions such as Houston Senior Care. Some people who love their dear ones stick to home care. It is worth studying the changes that affect the brain of a person affected by Alzheimer’s in order to live through the traumatic periods.
A lot of changes occur in the brain. Amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles affect the brain. Amyloid plaques are rigid insoluble plaques or protein fragments which build up. It gets accumulated between nerve cells or neurons in the brain. The protein fragments are eliminated in the brain of a normal person but will build up in the brain of an Alzheimer’s patient. The protein build up will have increased considerably by the time a patient is admitted to elder care institutions such as Houston Elder Care.
Twisted fibers which are insoluble are called neurofibrillary tangles. It consists of tau protein which helps to form microtubule. The tau protein in Alzheimer’s patients creates problems due to overactive enzymes. The enzymes thus create tangles and lead to cell death. The patients who have tangles have more chances of getting front temporal dementia.
The tissues in the brain shrink as Alzheimer’s progresses. The brain chambers become enlarged. The degeneration of cells in hippocampus leads to decline in short term memory. The patient will be unable to do the daily routine tasks. Symptoms like emotional outbursts, language impairment, tendency to wander and anxiety will be pronounced. The person will not be able to eat without help. In such cases, it’s very important to hair a professional help such as Houston care givers. The person will fail to recognize relatives or friends. Speech will also be affected. Memory will be almost erased. Regular care should be given to Alzheimer’s patients admitted to elder care homes. Those who take care of patients in the home should be aware of the changes that take place in the brain of people with Alzheimer’s disease. Then only they will be able to cope better with the sudden changes in the patient’s behavior. See what kind of activities Houston In home care is doing to keep their patients active.

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